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Mixing Protein Powder Ahead of Time

If I want to blend 100-150 grams of protein powder with Blue Bunny Fat Free Chocolate Milk at night to drink the next day is there any problem with the protein breakdown. By adding the protein I get 172-222g/protein and 104g carbs out of a half gallon of milk that I can drink as I feel like it during the day. I am in a bulking cycle at the moment and love to use milk while bulking. Will my protein powder break down to far sitting for 10-18 hours depending on how long it takes to get through the half gallon? What if I add 25g of creatine and let it sit also? It would be so much easier to mix it the night before and drink it as I get thirsty the next day which is what I do with the plain milk now, but I want to add protein and maybe creatine to get a little more out of it. Thanks!

Can you wait to mix your protein in the morning? That will help cut down protein degredation, and there should be enough Casein in the milk to help preserve it through the day, but make sure you keep it cold…heat destroys protein!!

Ah, the ever-feared protein disintigration. Watch out, I actually had a steak blow up on me when I put it in the fridge overnight. Damn thing almost took my eye out!