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Mixing Protein Early?


Is it okay to mix milk protein with yogurt in the morning, for consumption later that day? I'm sure I read something about it denaturing after a while. Also, do you think its okay to eat 3 whole large eggs every morning? Thanks in advance.


If you are talking about powdered milk protein, not sure of that. just put it in a small container and mix it when you are ready for it. and the 3 large whole eggs, as you know the yolk has all the fat and cholesterol, how are your levels and bodyfat? I eat 6 JUMBO eggs every morning, sometimes 2 yolks sometimes 3.


It fine and if it did denature then that would actually be good easier digestion.

Just not Rotten keep it cooled.

Hopefully Dave Barr will chime in here.


I'd like to just jump in and say that eggs are AWESOME. If you're exercising, you should be able to eat as many as you want. There have been studies to show that the cholesterol from eggs is an unlikely culprit for high blood cholesterol levels. I eat at least 20 eggs per week, and my cholesterol is 155.


Whole eggs=good