Mixing Products???

I have a lot of tren and prop that I’m about to use at 100mgs of each everyday. Is it possible to take what i have and put it in a larger, sterile vial so that i can just take it all up in one needle and not have to do as many injections? or should i just bite the bullet and do twice as many shots??

I’m not an expert, vet or anything else, but 700mgs of test and 700 mgs of tren a week sounds like alot to me. I’ll be interested to see what the pros have to say.

No, I don’t think that it is a lot. You could get away with every-other-day injections (EOD). All depends on preference and goals.

To answer the question … you do know that you can pull both into the same syringe for a single 2ml injection, right? If you don’t, let me tell you how to do this. From the start: clean your vial with an alcohol swab, then you will put your needle on the syringe, pull back 1ml of air, put the needle in the vial, inject that 1ml of air (to create a pressure in the vial that will help pulling out the viscous oil), pull out your 1ml, remove the needle from the vial.

Then, pull another 1ml of air into the syringe, and get a new needle. Now, get your second vial (wiped with an alcohol swab) and inject the second 1ml of air. Don’t inject the 1ml of oil in the syringe. Now pull out your second 1ml of oil. Get a new needle. Inject the 2ml mix.

Now, if you are thinking about mixing the prop with the tren in, let’s say a 20ml sterile vial … I guess you could, but here are some things to think about. Make sure that the mixture is 1:1 or that the volume of prop is the same as tren (I assume it is and both are 10ml). Now here is why I have thought about this, but haven’t done it (and I am going to speak a little geekish here).

When you mix the two, you would need perfect mixing to ensure that when you pull 2ml that you have exactly half prop and half tren. Statistically speaking, that isn’t possible. It may turn out that of the 2ml 30% is prop and 70% is tren. Or whatever combination you can think of. This is the case with all mixtures.

There may be X amount of N substances in a mixture, but to say that you have exactly X amount of each substances in each and every injection is false. (This is unless it was all put into BA/BB solution at the same time.)
So, when you do the double vile, 2ml injection, you know exactly what you have in each and every injection.

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So how how about mixing 25 mls of 100 mg masteron with 25 mls of 250 mg test enth? Mix and heat then you’d have a 2.5/1 mix per ml. Wich would equal how many mgs of each per ml? Yes it’s a lazay question. BTW, I’ll second the ed injection point Bush made. Especially with tren, I tend to notice the moodiness and anti-social effects it gives me when I go eod. From now on 50 mgs ed is fine, maybe 75. I’ve used 100 in the past and for me personally the results weren’t alot different from say 75 ed.

ALthough it did make me more anti-social then ANY other time I’ve been on tren. Then again there where alot of close people passing away in my life at that time? SO see how it works by starting lower. You can always increase if you’ve started to low, but by the time you’ve experianced some sides with starting too high you’ve already made the mistake = you left no room for error IMHO.

thanks for all the help guys, I think i’ll just stick with doing one shot ED of both the prop and tren. that seems to be the easiest way

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Not a good blend for a test/masteron taper if one wanted to get their weekly test dose down to 100-50 mgs:-) Guess I should add more masteron?

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Good input, bush. I would reccomend ED injections of tren as well. Some, and I will admit that is it a rare few, will use EOD with no problems.
And yes, the heating will change everything with the mixing dynamics. I wasn’t even thinking along those lines. I was hoping someone would call me out on that … you know, add a little educational input.

I think that is what P22 recommended with the taper … a 1:1 test/mast ratio. That is assuming that you are not using any AI.
I think, and I could be wrong, that he recommended to use either test alone with an AI, or a test/mast mix.
But I don’t know the specifics of his taper protocol. So, I guess I don’t know what I am talking about.