Mixing Principles / Training Methods

I recently asked a question regards how do you know when you’ve built a base and are able to add to what you do or try something different, this really is a continuation on from that.

When wanting to try something new is it a bad idea to just use 1 exercise/ bodypart to see how it works or should you commit to the new program / principle completely ?

For example lets say I wanted to try Doug Hepburn’s singles method or Waterbury’s 10x3 method to up my bench press could I do that for bench whilst sticking to say 5x5 for everything else.

Thanks for any replies in advance

1: You can do anything.

2: If you are looking to progress, then why not follow a proven program?

3: CT calls what you are doing “Frankensteining”.

4: In your example, what makes you think 5x5 does not up your bench?

Hi JFG i just gave the bench and 5x5 as an example that’s all. what i was getting at was basically when wanting to try something new after spending over 6 months on a program is it advisable to perhaps just try something new with one exercise to see if it works for the individual or should you just jump in and change your whole program regards reps, sets etc rather than the exercises.

Just pick another program if you want. There is no set rule about time and program change. For SS (as an example), all you have to do is switch to texas method when you start missing lifts (as long as everything else is in line).

Just follow a (singular) true and proven program though. it will get you where you want to go faster then mixing stuff without understanding the basic of the programs.

But in the end, do what you will.

Thanks JFG I think you are correct and will take your advise :slight_smile: