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Mixing Oly Lifts and Bodybuilding?

Hello everyone, i just started oly lifting, its being fun and nice, but i would also like to do a few work just to look prety.

I was thinking of something like this:

Every training day:
Snatch to 1 RM + some doubles
C&J to 1RM + some doubles
Front squat/Back squat (alternating each day) varing set/rep scheme

And then, since I would be like to be training 6 times a week:
Days 1 and 4- 3 sets of rows and 3 sets of chins
Days 2 and 5- 3 sets of db bench press and 3 sets of flyes
Days 3 and 6- 3 serts of curls and 3 sets of triceps extensions

All the accesoty work would be 10 reps or higher, just to look prety and keep joints healthy :slight_smile:

I would like to know if this is ok or it is too much to keep the focus on oly lifting.

I hear the chinese olympic lifters do some bodybuilding work after their main lifts. It is certainly worth a try.

That is fine.

I’d also do 3sets of abs or back work alternating at the end of each session.


I do bodybuilding after every 2nd session. I do triceps stuff, ab stuff, lower back stuff, bicep stuff, upp er back stuff, etc…