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Mixing olive oil or flaxseed oil with Advanced Protein?

Has anyone mixed olive oil or flaxseed oil or both into Advanced Protein? I was wondering if it masks the taste of the oils at all or does it tastes like shit? I was also wondering what everybody mixes these oils with?

i mix flax seed oil with adv protein. its not too bad.

it mixes in just fine–i use one tablespoon per scoop of powder. it’s MUCH better in a blender, tho–it’s passable in a shaker, but you get much more of the oil taste.

I just mixed 1 tbsp of olive oil with a strawberry protein shake made by Optimum Nutrition and it is pretty hard to take down. I sure hope it is better with chocolate Advanced protein. Is there any other food besides olive oil that gives you these particular types of fat because I don’t think I can stand to drink this if it always tastes that bad.

I just take my flax and olive oil right out of the spoon and then chase it with my protein shake. Makes it easier to clean the shaker - don’t have to clean the oily, gunky film out of the shaker.

Flaxseed Oil Chaser
I too like Heb, take it straight, swollow hard and quickly chase it with whatever I am having to eat. I find it’s better that way and the oily taste in the back of your throat goes away quicker than any other other way. Give it a go!

I’m with Heb. Why ruin a perfectly good shake.

I am with Heb. Go ahead and take it out of the spoon. I usually chase with my Grow or have 3-4 oz. of Diet Coke. Much easier in my opinion.

Maybe I am weird, but I really like the taste of flax oil and olive oil…

Man, You like the taste of flaxssed oil and olive oil. Are you on drugs? If so, give me some.