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Mixing of andro and nandro

Looking for some advice from Bill here…but all input is greatly appreciated! OK here is my question. I have both andro and nandro and have been tring different methods of using them. My question is, is it better to use say…andro in the morning then nandro at night…or andro all day one day and nandro all day the next, or as I am currently doing, mix the two bottles together and spray away twice a day. Which strategy…or even something different will get me the best utilization of both and also keep the enzymes available for conversion? Thanks all!

I wouldn’t mix them in the same bottle. It’s to much hassle. I use 50 sprays of androsol and 30 sprays of nandrosol a day. If you do mix them your kind of stuck with your ratio. And I always use half the bottle then start on another. When I’m half way through the second bottle I fill the first one back up.

Mix the two in a glass jar. Use a funnel and pour back mixture into the containers. It is really simple. It takes about five minutes to do two bottles. It was mentioned by either Bill or Brock that combining the two in the same bottle would enhance the other, by making the absorption better. Some chemical enhancement. It wasn’t like 1+1, it ended up being greater.

My best guess is it’s six of one, half a dozen of another whether you use this one in the morning and that one at night, or the other way around, or alternate days. Personally I’d
rather be familiar with how each works by
itself, and also the mixture, so I’d give each
way a chance. Probably the approach of
spraying 35 of each in each application is the best way (in my opinion) of stacking them.

Bodz is correct that you have an effect where
each of them diffuse at the same rate they
would if they were the only substance present,
so you get a 2:1 ratio of flux enhancement.
However I do not think that is a good thing:
the rate of flux is already about optimal,
giving sustained flux at high levels (peak
at 10 hours) for 12 hours and then dropping
some, but after 12 hours you’ve applied again.
With a 50-50 mix of 4-AD and nor-4-AD, the
amount of each on the skin might not be enough
to last until the next application. It’s
certainly possible that it would be mostly
exhausted in 6-8 hours. So I would prefer
spraying separate areas each with full-strength
Androsol or full-strength Nandrosol.

as always, Bill is the man! :slight_smile: Thanks, Bill.