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Mixing Leaders?

Hey guys So I’ve been running 5/3/1 for quite a while now I’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite templates are 531 bbb@fsl and bbs@fsl I’ve been wondering of keeping the same formula of 2 leader 1 anchor . But mixing it so example:leader#1 5 pros BBB ,leader#2 5 pros BBS and anchor 531 pr set 5x5 fsl . So basicly 3 weeks of bbb 3 weeks of bbs deload
And 531 pr set + 5x5 fsl . Thinking of running this indefinitely how does this sound?

Idk see why it wouldn’t work. The only thing I see is that I would either do bbs first or do the bbs at ssl. That way you’re ramping up toward the PR sets. But either way should be fine. Honestly the down sets of 5 end up looking like speed work for me.

I see what u mean my idea was that BBB@fsl starts with a new training max by the time bbs kicks in I would have added 5 lb to the upper and 10lb to lower body lifts. So it will be a bit more intense fsl than bbb’s.the reason for having bbs in the middle is to focus on explosive quality reps wich is hard to do with bbb to get ready for pr sets after the deload .

I think something similar was mentioned in the Forever book, where you can use different supplemental schemes for different lifts during the same cycle. So, BBB for squat and bench, BBS for OHP, and 5x5@fsl for deadlift as an example. I do something like this, and it works well and gives me a bit of variety during a given week.

So, I think your suggestion would also work fine.

Sounds good. For all the shit people talk about speed work. It really drives my bench and deadlift. And my supplemental especially when doing full body templates feels a lot like speed work.

I know what you are saying I’ve seen it in forever too . The way I’m suggesting is keeping my trianing in phases of 3 weeks aka 1 cycle but keeping supplemental the same for all lifts per phase. You can say it’s like like juggernaut method from jts wich has phases of 10s 8s 5s etc … but with 5/3/1s methodology and templates . I would say pervertor comes close to this but it switches from bbs to bbb to ssl from one week to the other instead of what I mentioned.

I think that’s a solid idea.