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Mixing L-Glut and Creatine

I have searched this site but can’t find anything worth reading on mixing these 2 supps

from what I have read, there is conflicting views on whether to mix or not

some people say not to mix creatine and l-glutamine since they share the same carriers and would fight eachother for absorbtion

but, others say it doesnt matter, also on T-Nation many of the trainers suggest mixing creatine with a post-workout shake, and most of these shake contain at least 3 grams of l-glutamine while regular l-glutamine supplements are 5 grams a dose, so is there any proof l glut effects creatine absorbtion?

I know I may get crucified for this but noone else wants to reply so here goes.
Post work-out your muscles are so gluttonous for nutrients that virtually everything will be soaked up by them. And any competion for transport wouldn’t be much of an issue, if any. So i say mix’em.

Years back when I did supplement with both Creatine and Glutamine as stand alones and before Surge, I read in some of the mags to take them fifteen to twenty minutes apart as they compete with each other for muscle cell absorption.

Now I am not saying that is true, but it was considered to be true by some in the industry years back. As I have said already today on another thread I take Surge mixed with creatine postworkout and Surge contains 3 grams of Glutamine so, I consider it okay to mix them.


Personally I’ve found that both together is fine in a PWO shake (and better than a PWO shake that doesn’t have one or the other).

thanks for the info

experience is always better than speculation