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Mixing It Up!

At least for me, it’s sorta’ kewl when you appear to “be in tune” with not only many on “The Forum”, but also to the guys at “Testosterone”. At least it tells me that perhaps I’m on the right track!

I had one of those moments this week when T.C. wrote the following in his “Atomic Dog”:

“In our moment of epiphany, we realize that all training methods are good. Through our years in the gym, the one common thread in our lifting tapestry is that just about every routine, as long as you don’t sleepwalk through it, works. The only secret to it, if indeed there is a secret, is to use a lot of routines, if not all of them, and if you’re currently doing a routine that uses a lot of volume, make sure your next one has less volume but uses heavier weights. Along the same lines, if your current program specializes on one area of your body, make sure the next one specializes on a different area of the body."

"And if we run articles about the optimum number of sets or reps and optimum tempos and times under tension, realize that these things are only generalizations and that they should apply perhaps 70 percent of the time. The rest of the time, throw the rules out the window and maybe even try something counterintuitive. Sure! Do a hundred reps, do some HIT training; it’s all good, even broccoli band training.”

I’ve felt for some time that the key is to 1) Set a training goal with a nutrition and workout plan that forms the foundation of your training then 2) “Mix it up” periodically!

Like T.C. said…that may be the key.

Your thoughts?

That’s exactly what Louie Simmonds says. Everything works but nothing works forever.