Mixing Instructions PT-141

Ordered some pt-141 to try. Of course a couple days before I ordered it I decided to clean out my fridge which consisted of throwing away a 30ml bottle of unopened BAC water :roll_eyes:.

I have a new bottle that has 6ML of BAC water though. Can someone help my out on the mixing conversion?

Pt-141 is 10mg
BAC water is 6ML
Using 1ml slin pins for pinning.

Can you just use 1 ml of bac water? That would make 1 mg/.1mL

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What is PT-141?

I also think you can get bact water on Amazon. Why not just make it how you want with more fluid?

Its for enhanced libido

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I’ve been using this.

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Turns out 6ml is plenty. According to the calculator that was kindly linked I’ll be golden with 1ml of water

Interesting. It’s not available in Europe. Please give us us some updates on your experience.

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Mixed it at 1ml bac water and used .2 last night. Desire was much better and erection was much better but I e been hard off and on so much since last night it hurts

I think 2mg is a max dose, or at least a big dose. I would’ve started with .5-1mg.

Any other sides? I’ve heard it can cause nausea as well

I was reading 1-1.5mg was a normal starting dose. Medicine normally doesn’t do anything for me so I decided to start bigger, which was a mistake. My Rick fucking hurts

Got real flush and red for about 30 minutes then nothing

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Cials gets you the same sides, why not use that? Because of libido?

Cialis or viagra does almost nothing for me. I still take cialis but in large doses and it’s barely noticeable.

I have been going to see some specialists and have a Doppler ultrasound and some other tests scheduled. Something for sure is wrong

Libido is tricky. I guess you already sorted out the big things, like porn, sleep, overtraining, undereating, blood pressure, medication,…

After that you are left with neurological function or penile vascular function essentially. Both can be modulated. If cialis does not help, it is probably the former.

Yerp, my thoughts as well. Now I’m just worried I’m gonna have to go get blood drained from my Dick :joy:

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So apart from the red flush, no other adverse side effects? Lots of folk report nausea with this peptide don’t they?

Have you tried another shot yet?

No other side effects other than I probably had an erect ion the whole time I slept. I woke up and my Dick HURT. Couldn’t even walk. Thought about going to the ER but it finally went away. Couldn’t have sex last night because it hurt too bad. Trying again tonight :joy: wish me luck

Nice problems to have maybe🤭

Lower dose next time? Sounds like strong stuff

What’s funny is it didn’t even start working till AFTER I had sex that night :roll_eyes: talk about annoyed lol.

Yes, going less than half of what i did that night tonight.

Peptide pros was the brand

I am assuming this doesn’t have to be taken as a p-shot (injection into the penis)? I guess those work really well, but that whole thing might get me out of the mood.

No this is just a sub Q shot. I did it in the stomach. Tri mix is in the Dick. When I go for my ultrasound or what ever they are giving me a shot there :nauseated_face:. Nervous, but I told my girlfriend she’s in for a wild ass ride if they don’t also give me the medicine to bring it down :joy: