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Mixing IFG-1 LR3 with Bacteriostatic Water


I have 3 vials: A small vial containing 1mg igf-1, a 10 ml vial of bacteriostatic water, and another empty vial. If you have mixed igf before and are absolutley sure on how to do it correctly i'd appreciate any information. I know igf-1 is a fragile peptide i just dont want to mess anything up.


Inject water into the IGF-1 vial, slowly, best if the water runs down the side of the vial. To mix, swirl gently. Never shake. This applies to all peptides.


im gonna use .6 cc of white vinegar (5% acidity) and 4.4 cc of the NACL solution, if this sounds wrong somebody please correct me.


i read in some place that bac water will destroy it, others that say itll only stay good for 2-3 days or some even said itll stay good for 3 months.


Use Acetic Acid, and do your homework