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Mixing HCG. What Are Syringes For?

Ok guys
I have a script for hcg not even sure I’m gonna take it yet with my test however I just want to know what to Do and how to use it

It says mix 5ML of diluted water into the hcg bottle and then inject .25ml of hcg twice weekly
They have me with 20 tiny insulin syringes and one 21 gauge syringe

What are they for?
Post pics and hope someone can explain how to do this

Trying to figure out how to post pics

Once I mix the water how long is this hcg good for?

You use the big syringe to inject the bac water into the vial that has the powder. You swirl it to mix (Do not shake) then draw it back up into the syringe and then draw up the rest of your 5ml of water. You can then put it all into one of the vials and draw once at a time into the small syringes, or simply backfill all of the small syringes. Keep it in the fridge and out of light. It doesn’t hurt to wrap it in foil - but not wearing hats made from the foil.

I used the big syringe to inject 5ml of the water the mix it around gently

Then use the tiny syringes when I want to inject?

Yes, that’s fine. But keep it in the fridge and in the dark.

Also where Do you inject these?
The needles are so small

Belly fat works well.

It’s usally done sub-Q. The belly is normal, but not too close to the belly button.

Ok that sounds easy enough

Right now I use 140 a week Sunday and Thursday
Does it make sense to inject on the same days as that or do which days?

Should be no issue with that.

Was gonna so day before as per crisler

When I get blood work
LH and FSH wil still essentially be zero correct even w hcg?

Yes. Pointless to measure them.

Just to be clear @lbc2020, you are using bacteriostatic water correct?

It’d a vial of water that came with the hcg

Like in a separate vial


My scrotum super tight mostly
Balls up high

Will hcg help with that as they come back online?

What dose should
I use
140mg t a week twice weekly Injextions

Hcg 500iu Twice a week or maybe start with 250 twice a week?


It says inject .25 ml two times a week

That does not tell me
Dosage of hcg in IU however

Trying to figure that out
Anyone know that answe ?

I have 10000 units in 5ml of water
So that’s 2000 units per ML

2000x.25 is 500
So is that 500 IU for every .25 injection

Is that a decent starting point or should I try 250 iu twice weekly instead with the trt

I mixed in the water 5ml

Now the solution just looks like water and some bubbles at the top

That’s All it is?

Your math is correct, and yes, that’s all it is. Looks like nothing.