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Mixing HCG from a Breakable Ampoule


I have a question about mixing HCG from those breakable ampoules. Each ampoule has 500 IU of HCG powder and there’s another vial with bac water. All the tutorials I’ve watched pretty much use those rubber top bottles but sadly the HCG I have does not come in that bottle.

So my question is how do I go about mixing the HCG? Break the bac water vial, draw the water, break the HCG vial and pour the back water in? How do I mix it with an open top like that? Swirl it around for a couple of seconds?

Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

You need a filter. Otherwise you run the risk of injecting tiny pieces of glass into yourself. Safety first.

What is this filter called? And where do I get it? Local drug store?

I have mixed hcg from amps many times without any issues. I use an amp breaker. I assume the bac water amp you were provided is a small quantity amp for mixing solution for a single injection. I draw the bac water into an syringe and slowly inject into the powder. Roll the amp in you fingers for a few seconds until fully dissolved and inject. If splitting the 500ius, draw dosages into separate syringes and refrigerate the syringe that you are saving until next time.

You can store your hcg inside syringes and freeze them in refrigerator

That is what I do

You can get them on Amazon. Whatman .22mu sterile filters. They’re cheap and they could save you some pain. The chances of getting microscopic glass in you are slim, but for about $10/mo you can run that risk down to zero.