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Mixing HCG / Bunk Pregnyl?


Different topic, so I figured I'd start another thread.

I've read that HGH is extremely fragile and you must be very careful when reconstituting it to avoid degrading the molecular structure.

Is HCG this sensitive as well?

Despite having some experience with peptides, I'm wondering if I wasn't careful enough with that process on my Pregnyl. I bought it from a major pharmacy in town, so I'm confident in the source. Thing is, I just did 2 of the quick pregnancy tests to verify presence of HCG, and both came back negative.

It has only been reconstituted for about a week, has been in a dark refrigerator the whole time, original packaging shows expiration not until July 2015.

Is there anything I'm missing? Is it possible for major brand HCG to be bad?

Thanks for any insight.


I use this brand as well and when I inject the bac water into the vial I just let it run down the side instead of blasting it into the dry powder. So far I’ve had no problems with this method. I have read that it’s not as sensitive as it’s said to be but have also read otherwise so it’s a bit conflicting.


I worked with a guy who got Rx hCG shipped from the same pharmacy that I use. The hCG was shipped wet and was a dud. Second replacement shipment was a dud. Third was sent dry and when mixed it was good. That pharmacy never ships dry now. So this does illustrate that hCG can be damaged by handling. The precautions from HG are easy to deal with, why do anything else?


How long after you injected the first dose did you test? And at what dose and frequency?

It seems odd to me that you’d test within days of receiving Pregnyl from a ‘reputable’ source. Pregnancy tests can go bad as well.


The pregnancy test was done by putting 4 drops of the reconstituted pregnyl solution directly on the tester. It was done about a week after reconstition, which was also the date of first dose.


Your urine should be able to get a positive result.


[quote]KSman wrote:
Your urine should be able to get a positive result.


I was thinking along these lines but wasn’t sure enough to say. I thought it was possible that these tests are looking for metabolites of hCG rather than a huge protein molecule unlikely to make it past the glomeruli AND proximal convoluted tubules of the kidney nephrons.


I wondered about that too but there are plenty of videos and stories about people testing their hcg directly with pregnancy tests online. Either way, between that and some other things it does seem my hcg isn’t working correctly. Now to try and get it replaced.


Without putting urine in the sample strip you wouldn’t get the control indicator. So if your hCG was good and you put it on a stick with a positive symbol for example it would show a negative symbol but in the wrong orientation if that makes sense. Or one line and not two.


If metabolites are critical, if you are injecting hCG, you will have the same metabolites in your urine.


Did get control indicator with 4 drops (as directed) straight 1000iu/ml reconstituted Pregnyl HCG.

Just tried another test with urine. Been on 250iu E2D for about 2 weeks now. Still negative.

Glad these tests are available at the dollar store.


You’re trusting your testing to dollar store products?! Best of luck!


As long as they haven’t expired yet, absolutely. Its not like I’m worried about being pregnant or anything.

Besides… Maybe these are better because they don’t need any metabolites. They just test for hcg, which was the whole point.


I’ve got some Pregnyl and it doesn’t seem to be as effective as my last batch. This one I have also expires July 2015. Would you be able to post the lot # printed on the box?



Exp 17jul2015


Also I’ll be picking more up from the pharmacy tomorrow and will see if they have some from a different lot #


Thanks mine is K001858


Got a new prescription. Different lot number as well. Within a couple hours of the 250iu shot my sack loosened up some.

I also remembered what may have killed the old HCG. I keep the vial in a small plastic tube that Nuun electrolyte tablets come in to protect it and avoid questions about it being in the fridge at work with my food. Just after reconstitution of that other batch, in the plastic tube, I dropped it on the tile floor in my kitchen. The vial didn’t break, but the HCG was foamed up some. I’d bet that was enough agitation to cause problems, considering it has a bright red sticker on the box saying to swirl, NOT shake the solution.

Also I’ve been reading around, and apparently some people are nervous about the process of the liquid being drawn through a tiny needle causing turbulence that can do the same thing, and break down the HCG in your syringe. I use a 30ga .3cc syringe for this and my Test-c. Going to start REALLY taking my time drawing up and injecting the HCG, just to be safe.


Insulin is a functional peptide like hCG is and comes with all the same type of precautions except it doesn’t sit long enough to need reconstituting. Most of the precautions are in reality just that, precautions. I think it’s worth being careful but I doubt it’s that big of a deal. For instance I froze my last batch and it worked just as well. The scrotum relaxation was more likely a coincidence.