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Mixing HCG and Test into the Same Bottle to Do Single Injection?

I will use Pregnyl as HCG but didnt start yet

It will be 250iu twice a week

If i would mix it into the bottle of Sustanon 250mg would there be any problems?

So i could do single injection instead of double

I will split 1500iu Pregnyl into the 6 equal syringes (so each one will have 250iu) and keep in refrigerator

how many mls is the bottle? because if you only chuck 250iu into a 10ml bottle then it will become diluted. if you mean 1ml amps then that’s fine

Don’t do this. HCG is water based and your Sust is oil based; the two wont mix and you wont ever be able to draw any HCG into the syringe once you invert the bottle to draw. I guess you could draw both products into the same syringe from different bottles if you’re injecting SubQ but I would still recommend separate syringes.


No. Do not do this.

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Nope, nope, nope…two totally different compounds. Like the others said, oil based vs water based. Just get yourself some insulin pins for the hcg. You know you have to reconstitute the hcg with bacteriostatic water right?


They won’t mix as stated water and oil. But you can draw them into the same syringe and inject together. The one good thing I learned from nelsonvirgil he even has a video on it. Draw the HCG first then the T this way there is no left over T in the syringe since HCG is the last to leave the needle.
I inject M/T and do 60mg(.30) T 400iu HCG(.40)


this makes sense thank you

i have purchased pregnyl and yes it has bacteriostatic water

but i will not reconstitute as it is not possible. i have to construct and then split into syringes to keep in refrigerator

Why can’t you just recon it in the bottle in which it came?

What does this even mean? I assume your HCG is in a large® bottle and is just a bit of white powder and a whole lot of empty space right?