Mixing gear

Any of you ever mixed your cycle together? For example… I’ve got 20ml of EQ and 20ml of Test Enenth. Im going to be shooting both 2x a week. Would it be easier for me to say get a 100ml vial and mix the 4? Anyone ever done this? For some reason the brain always thinks of faster and easier ways to do things…heh Just something that popped into my head.

Thank in advance bros!

I’m doing it right now with Test & Tren. No issue at all. Actually, it lessens the sting of the Tren.

I have done it before in the past too, with Test and Tren as well. Like TenMan said, it could lessen the sting, especially using a chemical with a high BA content. Essentially, you would be “cutting” the steroid with the high BA with the other steroid…

…and like you said, it becomes a matter of convenience. Good luck.

I wanted to ask about your reasoning for taking both EQ and test together? What made you choose enth over say prop(for a less half-life) or cyp(so that it matched the half-life a little closer of EQ)? I’m looking at this cycle in a few weeks but wanted to get another persons reasoning. Sorry if I’m stealing your thread. Thanks

Well for one this is my first cycle. So prop i think is out of the question for me(ED injections for me would be interesting at this point in time). Cyp and enenth only different in halflife by about a day. Both compounds are essentially the same(cyp/enenth) and ive found enenth to be easier to get. I chose the EQ because i feel its a nice first time around steroid. Its pretty safe taken in the right doses and has slim to no sides. I also figure the EQ will help harden my gains from the test after the EQ starts to kick in around the 6th week(this is what ive found to be about average for people to start seeing gains). Ill be happy to answer anymore questions fi you have any.

thanks man. This is my first cycle as well. Yea from everything I’ve been able to get my hands on to read, I think that EQ is what I’m looking for. But I’m trying to figure out why I should add any enth at all. What if I just did 8-10 weeks of EQ starting off at like 100mg then increase to 350mg then back down to 100mg over that time frame. But from what I’ve read I should take nolva during the cycle, then add clomid two weeks after my last shot(while still taking the nolva). Maybe your goals are different than mine but what do you think?

I have a 66cc bottle mix of Tren Enanthate, Masteron and Primobolan.

18 Primo 200mg
18 Tren 250mg
30 Mast 100mg
I’m going to use 6cc of this stuff a week. 2 cc 3 times per week. In the begining I may shoot extra masteron and Tren Acetate to jump start the cycle.
But since I NEVER come off I don’t really see the point.

Drugs are mmm K.

I guess you could go EQ on its own, but i would prefer to stack it with something to get more bang for your buck. Not to mention either way you are gonna get shutdown so you might as well add some test to keep the boys around for the duration. I wouldnt pyramid up and down like that. There is no real point. Keep a dose and run with it. Or up the dose if you need to.

You could certainly mix it all together, but then you will be committed to whichever ratio of the two you end up with.