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Mixing Gear w/ Workout Supplements?


First off I am a long time reader and a first time poster. After having a lot of curiosity and doing much research, I have started my first cycle. My question is this:Is it safe to mix pre, intra, and post workout supplements with gear? Is this too much for the liver and kidneys to handle?

30 years old
6' tall
205 lbs
I trained from 20 to 23 while boxing. Got married had kids, end of that story. I started training again at age 26 to 27. I started a business and took a year off. I have been training for two straight years (5 days per week).

Bench 1rm = 260
Squat 1rm = 350
Dead Lift = 250 x 8

I have never cycled until now. My goal is to increase muscle mass and add strength. My gains have slowed to a halt over the last few months, this is the reason for joining the dark side.

Here is my cycle:
week 1-8 = 1/2 cc test
week 1-4 = 1/2 anadrol tab
week 5-8 = 1 cc deca
2 weeks after last injection = 1 nolva everyday


Post lifting stats, bio, and cycle first. Read the stickies before posting question.


Wow pre, intra and post? what the hell are you drinking so much of? You need to be a little more specific about what supps exactly. If you talking protein amino acids and creatine? All those are good to go in my mind among a few others.

that's a pretty short cycle I would not expect to much


What ester and milligram is your test?
What milligram is your anadrol?
what milligram is your deca?
I would drop the deca for your first cycle. Too many compounds for the first go round. Besides, a lot of people have issues with deca and if you do run it, your posted pct is to short and too low a dose.

Buy some more test...lose the deca. Run the test at a minimum of 500 mg A WEEK or 250 mgs every 3 rd day(if its a long ester test), for a minimum of 10 weeks, 12 would be better.

Anadrol at 50mg a day for the first 4-6 weeks. Depending on type of test used run nolvadex at 40/40/20/20 2 weeks after last shot. sooner if using prop ester but i'm assuming your using cyp or enth.

And the answer to your actual question is "No" Stay away from the booze and your liver values should return to normal with a couple of weeks being off the anadrol. It would also help if you list the supplements you're taking. If you want help you need to be specific in what you're asking and we need all the background info.

hope this helps


I have a few questions.

First , why would it mater what the OP is taking and how long he is taking it for I am embarrassed for the people that didnt notice this guy knows nothing about what he has and they ask to have him post stats,almost like that even maters.
I assume op is talking about normal supps like protein and creatine and whatever,if i am wrong forgive me.

but in that case,are you able to eat food while on a cycle? are you able to drink water? supplements are a normal part of your diet much like a chicken breast and a bottle of water is.

we have no idea what you are taking,do you know what your taking?

week 1-8 = 1/2 cc test
week 1-4 = 1/2 anadrol tab
week 5-8 = 1 cc deca
that all means nothing,what concentration are they in, what kind of test,how much anadrol ect what mgs of each
however that dosent mean anything at this point all I see is that the op has been working out for 2 years steady and off and on for a while before.
that and his pct was 1 nolva,how much is that and what effects do you expect from taking 1 nolva a day.
what kind of AI usage are you anticpating I dont see any.

I personally think you should look into this a little more or alot more then you should answer your own question.
this whole cycle looks like a bad idea,think about this you are taking an oil,you have no idea whats in it and you are taking instructions from the guy that sold it to you.
you are going to take that and ram it deep into your muscle and expect it to do magical things to you and make you stronger because you can only deadlift a little more than your own weight.

by the way your liver and kidneys will be fine

start off by eating and reading then come back.



I know he will not listen.
however I would rather not give him a place to start, if they can not hit the search button,or google something then why should they be hand fed?


II COME IN PEACE, but Damn Guys! You are a hell of a crowd to someone who just wants a little info. The guy I bought it from has been running gear for a long time. Everybody at my gym buys from him. When you only know one guy that runs it, where else do you turn? He said for my first go, he wanted to make it a light cycle to see how I react to it. The supplements I am talking about are creatine, white flood pre-workout, and xtend for an intra. I am sorry if my questions are a little elementary on this site, but how much is one supposed to know before running a cycle? I have been reading on here for about four months now. I thought I had done enough research to start a cycle. From the way you guys are talking, I should know how to brew my own juice before I consider doing gear. Not trying to be an ass or anything, but the reason I came to this sight was to pick your brain a little. Not be spoon fed.

I will be more than happy to provide any info you want to know. Just ask without chewing me up and spitting me out! Remember that everyone on here was new to the dark side at one time. Thank you for any help.

More details on my gear:
GP Testenanth 250
Anadrol 50 mg tabs (1/2 per day)
Nandrolone 200
Nolva 20 mg


tough lovebuddy,tough love.
I just recently started coming back here,and things have changed alot but what used to be the norm when I started asking questions was this.
and this is in order before you ask anything at all or obtain any drugs.
search,read as much as you can on everything you can,if you can not search and dedicate your time to reading then how can you expect to be dedicated enough to use drugs responsibly.
then when you search on here you will find clues and links to other sites read them,use all the resources at your disposal to find out what you need.
plan an easy responsible cycle.
once its planed out if you have questions then search for your question if it has not been answered before(unlikely) then you come on here and ask.
if you do not follow these steps then you will get reamed.
but its nothing against you personally.

now let me look over your stuff ill give you my input in a bit :wink:


up the anadrol to 100mg a day, test to 500 mg a week, run an AI, and if you're worried more about White Flood hurting you and not the crazy bathtub roids you got from the guy at your gym then you're retarded.


now you said
Testenanth 250 x.5
Anadrol 50 mg tabs (1/2 per day)
Nandrolone 200 x1
Nolva 20 mg x1 ed
this is ok for basics how I would run this personally is like this.

weeks 1-8 Test enth 1ml e3d = 500mg/week
weeks 1-8 Deca 1ml e3d = 400mg/week
the anadrol throw in on workout days 2 tab split up between 2 doses =100mg ed
the nolva taper up from 20 to 40 mg back down to 20, search find out the right dosing.

get some adex to run during the cycle

now what I suggest for YOU..
first cycle would be
weeks 1-8 Test enth 1ml 2x week = 500mg a week
adex .25-.5 mgs a day
leave all other drugs alone, this cycle will add size to you help you get stronger and wont fuck you up later on because deca is very suppressive.

if you must and have enough test run test enth 250mg eod = 750mg a week and thats it

nolva pct and keep the adex running through the pct and you will be good to go
this is my suggestion
and your fine on the supps. get fish oil learn to eat ALOT of lean pro. and work out 5 days a week


up the anadrol to 100mg a day, test to 500 mg a week, run an AI, and if you're worried more about White Flood hurting you and not the crazy bathtub roids you got from the guy at your gym then you're retarded.