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Mixing Esters For a Cycle

Hello everyone, I currently am thinking of running this cycle and have a few questions.

I have Test C and EQ but decided to switch to test Prop. I am waiting on my test prop currently and I’m wondering if I can pin test C for a few weeks and then when I receive test prop switch to that so I can get a jumpstart on my cycle because time is of the essence and waiting will have to shorten my cycle. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I see no problem with this. It will shorten the time you have to wait to start PCT after as well.

I read on another forum a Bill Roberts post about how to front load T-Cyp. I believe he said to shoot five days of gear in your first injection and then go to your planned cycle. So if you’re planning 500mg in two separate injections every 3.5 days, you should take about 360mg in your first shot and then 250mg 3.5 days later and so on.

If you do want to front load it, I recommend you research because I’m typing from memory.

EQ and Test P? How long do you plan on running the EQ?

I’ve done some research and it seems pointless to run EQ as it is a really long ester. Think im going to continue to pin Test C and then switch on to Test Prop. I would only run EQ for 8 weeks max.

A lot of guys say it is pointless to run EQ for less than 12-14 weeks. I would be interested to see how you do with it. Keep us posted!