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Mixing Different Roids in Same Vial


Say you were injecting 1 ml of each at a time. Could you put 5 ml of one and 5 ml of the other in a vial and draw 2 ml for injection as long as you shook it awhile before drawing?


You could. But the likelihood of getting 1ml of each exactly is not good. They will have different densities base on the solution they're in, the compound, and the ester. I just pull 1/ml from each vial into 1 syringe and pin 2ml that way


I wouldn't. And 2ml is a shitload to be injecting at one site.


Do not do this, you won't get the concentration of both that you want, they would need to be brewed together instead.

2ml is not a shitload to inject at one site either, don't know where you're getting that from.


Haha this. If you're traveling and need a one time injection, then you can easily mix different compounds in a vial if it's going to be a single pin. But like the others said, the likeliness of getting the exact dosage you want is very small.


I have put 5 in each quad and glute and 3 in shoulders. What the hell are you talking about.


3ml is the most I've ever injected because that's all my syringes hold


I did exactly this once. I had been pinning prop and cyp, small doses every night. Got tired of that, and put 4ml of each into a single vial, then did a single pin from that each night. I felt no difference, and the oils looked to totally combine but I did swirl the oil a bit before drawing the injection just to be 100%.

I still felt the best on my TRT dose with the nightly prop injection, I think due to the little overnight spike being more similar to natural ebb and flow. But the EO in the prop oozed out my pores and made me stink, so I went back to straight cypionate.


you do realize you can just draw from multiple vials in the same syringe right?


Yeah, just thought it might be easier to mix them.


I actually think it'd probably work just fine. Seems like you're making it a little more difficult than it needs to be though. I'd ust combine them in the syringe