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Mixing Cyp And Prop?


I'm prescribed 250mg of Cyp with HcG every 10 days. I enjoy being monitored by the doctor and the injections and the bloodwork are 100% covered by my insurance as long as I'm being treated for 'Hypogonadism', so I want to continue the 250mg dosages with him...as pointless as they may be, I can at least be open with him and get everything covered.

Although, I know I need more than 250mg every 10 days to keep my levels at the desired amount of around 1200. The doctor says he won't give me more than 250mg every 10 days but he still wants my levels over 1000. Doesn't make sense...

What regimen would you all recommend for incorporating Prop into the doctor's injection?

This will be my 3rd cycle.


Are you wanting a full cycle, or just to get your levels up around the high end?

You said this will be your 3rd cycle, so I'm assuming you are wanting a full on recommendation.......
For a full cycle, I'd say 75-100mg of Prop ED.

Is your doc doing anything for estrogen control?


I would like to be full cycle levels. I've been in the 1200 range with excellent results and no sides.

What about 200mg EOD and skipping the day of his Cyp injection?

Yeah, he's giving me HCG with every injection and he will be monitoring for sides every 10 days. He said he will give me nolva and clomid if he suspects anything.


You could do that, but every day is soooo much nicer. Either way, It should be nice from the quick action of the prop and the long acting cyp lying beneath. Also, recovery won't be much of an issue since you are on TRT.

Good luck, keep us posted.


HCG is not an AI. You need an AI if you run cycle level of prop.


Acquire an AI.

This will probably boost your test into the range your doctor desires without the need to actually prescribe your more actual testosterone.

Other wise, get on an AI, and just inject the prop everyday in addition to the cyp.


you need an AI.
hcg does nothing for estrogen control and nolva or clomid will only block the estrogen from certain tissue but will do nothing for controlling it
run the prop at a desired dose on top of the cyp.

just stop a week before your next blood work up to make sure your levels normalize
you dont want him running a blood panel and show your off the charts with test


Thanks, guys


Look, you said yourself you like the doctor prescribed sketch, now you need higher levels (according to the doc - which by the way is prescribing 50mg a week more than most).
If you start adding your own cycles/self prescriptions now - you will never be able to stop - what when you cant afford?

You need to keep working with the doctor and stick to that - you may find that you get more appropriate information from the over 35 forum.

I wouldn't suggest you start self prescribing - if the doc says he wants you within a certain range - it is only within his power to do that.
As i mentioned, the range is very high and the high hundreds/low 1000's is more than enough - 150mg/wk is a very good TRT dose - especially for someone who looks about 25! :wink:


Additionally, the doctor is prescribing not only the 250 mg every 10 days (which works out to an average of 175 mg/week) but is prescribing the HCG as well.

While I don't know the dosage or the frequency, if done right this is easily equivalent to another 100 mg/week by injection, or somewhat more.

So this is not bad at all.