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Mixing Cyp and NPP?

Im down to my last vial of 10Ml of Test Cyp .I have more on order but am now thinking all shipping may get shut down sooner than later. I have a full vial of NPP (150Mg/Ml). Could I mix equal parts of the CYP and NPP. Keeping my normal dose of .23 Ml EOD, except half of that would be Npp. It would stretch out my remaining CYP to possibly get past all of this. Anybody see an issue with that strategy?
My worry is that this doesnt play out in just a couple weeks and drags on for a few months. 10 Ml can last me about 90 days. That may be cutting it close if this whole thing gets worse instead of better over the next few weeks…

I too am interested in hearing from experienced nandrolone users on this topic. When my gym reopens after the COVID-19 thing, I was planning on doing something similar but for different reasons. I wanted to add DECA or NPP on top of my normal T dose to take advantage of it purported healing effect on joins. I was thinking of an equal blend of 125mg of T/DECA per week in an E3D protocol. My supply of T is excellent and I get most of what I need by legal script. My interest is more on joint recovery and possibly some extra gains (distant second goal).

Regarding your plan for substituting NPP for T, I have my reservations. Nandrolone converts to DHN rather than DHT, so the effect on erections/libido and cognitive function may not be the same as T. Interested to hear what others think of this.

Why mix them? Just do a shot for each one separately.

Why do 2 shots when I can combine them into one?
I already know I can combine the 2. Ive done it lots of times, thats why I have some. What I am questioning is if my plan of cutting my T dose in half and replacing it with NPP will work for the time being.
My choice may very well be to ration by cutting my dose in half. If I can supplement with NPP, maybe I wont notice my dose being cut in half so much…

AAS/PED guys would routinely reduce testosterone dosing when adding nandrolone.

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Does it actually heal the joints? Or have a lubricating effect that goes away once it’s use has been discontinued?

Does it mix evenly so that you get equal parts of both? Are they both in the same type of oil/viscosity? How do you mix them to ensure that? I would be interested to know how that works although personally I’d probably just take separate shots to be sure.

Good question, but don’t have an answer (yet). I need to dive a little further into the medical literature to see if I can find some better answers. According to Bro Science, it works by increasing collagen synthesis and possibly by increasing IGF-1. If the latter is true, another question is whether (or not) it increases IGF-1 independently of GH. Not sure how it could stimulate GH release, but the control of GH is not an area I’m well versed on. Need to do some more reading.

Bottom line is I decided a low dose trial might be worth a try. Since my E2 is well under control and I don’t need an AI, the potential progestin side effects (gyno) of nandrolone (DECA or IPP) are probably minimal.

With regard to mixing, I suspect they will mix well since they are both oil based. I regularly mix my scripted T and my overseas T which have different oils and they do not visibly separate in the vial. And the labs are consistently predicable based on volume injected. I mix them because I am scripted at only 93mg/week (0.2mL E3D), but I find I do better at moderately higher doses. Also the overseas stuff (Alpha Pharma) uses a thinner oil, which makes draw up much easier than my scripted Pfizer Depo Testosterone.

Why risk adding npp? It’s simply not worth it in my opinion and is not TRT. TRT is exogenous testosterone. Adding HCG/AI/NPP/Masteron etc ad infinitum complicates things, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done all of this and more, so I’m not on a soap box, just a comment.
NPP crashed my libido and gave me ED for the first time ever. Honestly it’s tough to recover from, physically and mentally. As for joints, yes they felt better. So I lifted harder and when I came off they were back to day 1, if not worse. I loved NPP and how I felt and looked the first 6 weeks or so, but it’s not worth it for me. I know some don’t get the negatives and good for them, willing to risk it though?
What’s the goal? If for joints, GH or a GH secretagogue may be a better idea, I have no experience in this although I’m looking into it.
OP-yes do it in 1 shot. It’s fine and they mix no problem.

While this is a known side effect of nandrolone, most do not experience this.

Many report good results (for joints) with the secretagogues, and hGH, obviously.

Thank you both mfezdro and highpull for your responses and opinions. I think the libido thing is mostly driving by users not using sufficient T and/or overuse of an AI to prevent the known gyno side-effects of nandrolone in combination with high E2.

As for me, I know that if I keep my T in the 120-140mg per week in an E3D protocol, my E2 is well within the normal range and I have no need for an AI. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll probably add in 600mg/day of DIM to make sure it stays in check during the trial. However, I’ll put the trial off for several months until my gym reopens after the COVID-19 crisis is over. I have limited exercise equipment at home, so there’s really no point. My joints are getting a good rest with just at-home cardio workouts.

Regarding secretagogues, yes I do use them and they do work well. I’ve been experimenting with them over the past couple years and have a protocol that should keep my IGF-1 at about the 100th percentile of my age group (about 50th percentile of a 20-30 year old man).

Thanks, it’s a pity as I felt amazing with npp. Too good actually. I’m interested in GH but have had diagnosed melanoma previously so am concerned. But I don’t know enough about it. At 47 years old I’m interested in picking my levels up and will be testing next month.

Not to hijack the thread, would you mind putting out some info in your experience in another thread?

Info on what? Secretagogues?

Yes, GH secretagogues.

Sure, no problem.

The graph below shows most of the data I’ve collected over the years. I use a blend of Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 (no DAC) for the injectable secretagogues. For the most part, I’ve kept the CJC-1295 constant at 250mcg per injection but a couple of times it went up to 300 just because I had to deal with 2mg vials instead of 5mg when my supplier was out of stock on the 5mg vials. I’ve varied the daily dose of IPA, which is plotted on in the graph.

Also plotted in the graph are data from 3 different doses of GH that I’ve also tried in the past. They give me a good reference point to see how well the secretagogues are working. My current protocol uses a combination of the injected IPA/CJC-125 blend with oral dosing of MK-677. I don’t have this plotted in the graph.

The current “normal” range for a guy my age (62) for IGF-1 using the LabCorp test is 50-194 ng/mL (50th percentile = 122). I did some digging around on the internet and found LabCorp ranges for all age groups but the published numbers for my age group are about 15% higher than the current range they list on the lab reports. If we assume that you need to shave off 15% from all age groups to get to the current ranges, the range for a 21-30 year guy using the LabCorp test is 155-432 (- 15%) = 132-367 (Average/50th percentile is around 261 ng/mL). Here’s the data I’ve collected so far for my response to peptides and GH:

  • 900mcg IPA/250mcg CJC-1295 + 25mg MK-677 (12.5mg AM & PM). IGF-1 = 220 ng/mL.

  • 500mcg IPA/250mcg CJC-1295 + 30mg MK-677 (15mg AM & PM). IGF-1 = 208 ng/mL.

  • 500mcg IPA/250mcg CJC-1295 + 45mg MK-677 (15mg 3X per day). IGF-1 = 206 ng/mL.

  • 500mcg IPA/250mcg CJC-1295 + 45mg MK-677 (15mg 3X per day). IGF-1 = 206 ng/mL.

  • 900mcg IPA/250mcg CJC-1295 + 28mg MK-677 (12.5mg 3X per day). IGF-1 = 220 ng/mL.

  • MK-677 50mg/day (25mg 2X per day) = IGF-1 = 155 ng/mL

My current protocol is 500/250mcg IPA/CJC-1295 (no DAC) is the AM on an empty stomach and 25mg oral MK-677 just prior to bed. Based on prior experience, I predict this will bring my IGF-1 up to about 200 ng/mL, which is about the same as 1.8 IU GH per day.