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Mixing Creatine with Methoxy-EC

Since I have a nice little supply of creatine and a brand new bottle of Methoxy, I’m thinking of using both. Good Idea or bad?

I see no reason not to use them together. I believe Methoxy-7 is supposed to be a bit of nutrient partitioner so they should work well together. However, what are you trying to accomplish?

Lose fat and gain muscle so my 6 pack can be more visible.

creatine is not bad in any way. just remeber to cycle off of it every 8 weeks or so. laters pk

Must…not…flame …for…answer…

We all want to lose fat and gain muscle. The fact is that the majority of us can’t do it at the same time. Pick one and go with it. If you’re that anxious to see your abs, then lose fat.