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Mixing Creatine with Acidic Drinks


For my post workout drink I mix 2 scoops of protein ~40 grams, 1 1/2 scoops of creatine monohydrate ~7.5 grams, and a can of mtn dew. i think it tastes pretty good and its cheap sugar. on my off days i take 1 scoop of creatine 5 grams and usually mix it with gatorade or apple juice.

My question is does the citric acid in the mtn dew or ascorbic acid in juices make the digestion of creatine uneffective? for lack of better words, does the acid "kill" the creatine?


Yeah Vitamin C is bad. Stay away from it at all costs, But no i doubt that will interfere with Creatine absorption. However, i would say to ditch the soda if your even a little bit serious about getting in GOOD shape.


Are you serious about the Vitamin C is bad part? If you weren't being sarcastic, do you mind telling me why someone should "stay away from it at all costs"??


lol complete sarcasm.


From what I've read, acidic foods/drinks such as oranges, sourdough bread, etc usually have a lower insulin response due to the acidic content. Good thing if you're trying to slow down digestion and insulin response. If you prefer a larger insulin response for your creatine, you may choose to avoid it.