Mixing Creatine & Gatorade in Shake

I think i messed up big time! Ive read places that your not suppose to add anything acidic to a shake with mixing with creatine. well I put gatorade powder in my mix with my creatine and gatorade’s 3rd ingredient is citric acid. Why they say no citrus stuff are they just mentioning fruits and stuff or did i totalled screw myself over?

What kind of creatine are u using(monohydrate, dicreatine, etc.)? The reason u have heard about ignoring citric acid is because the acidity in the gatorade can react with the creatine and make it not as potent. If you are drinking gatorade as an after workout drink, then simply wait until your creatine is fully digested; up to 45min. I like to take creatine monohydrate immediately after my workout with juice, followed by 1 liter of water. I only drink gatorade after doing excessive amounts of cardio or if im in a really hot/humid environment.

i take cgp (creatine glycerol phosphate)