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Mixing Compounds and Ethers?

Is there a medical guide that discourages this? Or is it just not practiced in TRT with different compounds?

In other words, I need 3 shots with 3 different syringes:

  1. 125 mg test-e;
  2. 25 mg test-p; and
  3. 100 mg Primobolan (added after research in low dosing)

Now, I’m fine with the “pain” of 3 shots and the price of 1 syringe is negligible. It’s waiting on the loading by the nurses, etc. (and other patients waiting to be seen as well) that just turned my 1 hour visit into 2.

Can this or can this not all be jammed into one syringe? It’s going into the same muscle anyway…


The test can definitely be mixed. Not sure on the primo. That sure seems like a lot of product for TRT. 125mg of T is a healthy dose. Why add the aas primo?

I liked the immune properties of it. I get my shot every week having to wait in a clinic lobby with 50 other people that are sick. I’ve gotten sick twice already. Trying to see if that helps, along with the knee and shoulder issues I’ve been having while on TRT.

Interesting, keep us posted on how your feeling. I don’t think I’ve heard of any other guy on anything but test. Nice thing about primo is it doesn’t aromatize.


I thought’d I’d ask here about mixing as opposed to the Pharma board since it’s combined with my TRT / HRT treatment; it’s obviously not an AAS dose of the stuff and shows some interesting stuff from studies. The doc will let me run it for 10 weeks and let me decide as I must, as the only patient on Primo, buy the 10 vial box.

Hopefully they can mix the test e / p to reduce one shot (delt) and limit it to left and right glutes between it and Primo.

Can definitely mix the test esters. Sometimes it’s protocol in a doc’s office to not mix to keep the vials pure.

My standard reaction is to point out that all testosterone esters yield bio-identical T when the esters are removed. By injecting T twice a week, levels are very steady and then there is no merit of short VS long esters. So T cyp or eth will get the job done.

So it is not legal to self inject T there?

From what I understand, yes, and no.

Diabetics need insulin and people highly allergic to stuff need epipens. Both, of course, use a “syringe”.

I think the line is drawn with the diagnosis being life threatening or not.

I have asked my doc for needles before, and he wasn’t comfortable with that (2nd month). I will bring it up again once blood work comes back a-ok the 3rd(?) time and maybe there will be more of a trust relationship built.

If he’s still not willing to do that by then, he will still transfer the prescription to a clinic within walking distance that I will be able to split shots much easier (due to my schedule, I can only get 1 shot) and only see the original doctor every four or so months for routine blood work.

This is the best option here, as I’ve read on another forum someone receiving 125mg every 2-4 weeks; the doctor has worked with me a lot more, and truly, it’s due to the information that I passed on from reading some of your posts.