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Mixing Cabergoline Tablet in Water?

Hey everyone. Ive been taking Caber for my gyno but the pfizer pills are 1mg each and they are very small. My idea, and what I’ve been doing, is to crush up half a pill and mix it with 1 cup of water and drink 1/4 cup EOD. That would be 125mg EOD and about 500mg/week.

Im worried that the caber wont mix properly or something, like it will stay floating on the top and ill drink most of the 500mg at once and then my subsequent 1/4cup doses will be less potent.

Has anyone tried this? I cant find anyone talking about trying this.

It does seem to be going ok but I have noticed lessening effects at the doses go on. But that could also be because im getting used to the caber. Does anyone find that they get used to the cabergoline sides?

For example at first I was experiencing racing heartbeat and super high sex drive with my initial doses, but that has not happened much since.

Any insight would be great.

Also im a recovering alcoholic (4 years sober) so I dont want to mix the caber in alcohol.

It will not dissolve, being insoluble in water. Use a pill cutter. It won’t be exact, but closer than what you’re doing now. Most guys use vodka to dissolve and a dropper under the tongue to administer, but I see how that could be problematic for you.
The other option would be to get a digital scale and measure the crushed pill exactly to divide it. It might look a bit like a coke operation with a razor blade and a scale, but that also works. @dextermorgan might be able to offer suggestion on how to do that.

Get a digital milligram scale. The one I use to use was purchased on Amazon for $25. It was a 20g x 0.001g precision digital milligram scale.

Measure the whole pill first them use math to determine the weight that corresponds to the dose you want to use. It’s simple and takes no time to do and you get exactly the right dose every time.