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Mixing Bumper Plates with Steel Plates

I’m wanting to do more olympic lifts at home and am wondering if I can cheap out on the plates by buying 2-45lb bumpers and use my smaller steel (35’s and down) along with the 45s. I really don’t want to drop $500+ on a set if I don’t have to.
The idea is that the 45lb bumpers will take the shock and keep the additional steel weights from hitting the ground.

If you have 2x 45lbs on each side that would be A LOT better. I’ve seen weights crack (non metal ones, but cheaper weights that are plastic with handles etc) when people have used only one 20kg disc. The weights compress quite ab it when you drop them.

Go with 2x45lbs or at least 1x45lbs and 1x 35lbs on each side at a minimum. If you have metal discs it should be okay but you may get some dents in your floor!


I would avoid doing it like this because it will probably significantly decrease the lifespan of your bumpers; you’ll end up having to buy a replacement set and it will cost more in the end. They’re intended to reduce impact of the weight they’re designed for, not a much greater load. Obviously using the smaller change plates won’t make a difference though. If you’re doing something like pulls or squats where there won’t be dropping this doesn’t matter of course.

Thank you both, guess I’ll start searching Craigslist or garage sales.

If you’re wanting chead sets, look at Rogue and Wright Rubber. I’ve heard they are the cheapest out there. You could probably start with 2 ea 45 lbs and 2 ea 25 lbs and add as you get stronger in the lifts themselves. I’ve had very little luck finding stuff on Craig’s list and/or garage sales (although you can find them). Just my opinion though.

Check out the web specials on WrightRubber.com right now. They have last years plates (brass inserts) 25kg(55lb) plates for $40 and 35lb plates for $30. You’ll spend forever waiting for good bumpers on craigslist. You should be able to get a pair of 55s and pair of 35s for around $225, and that was shipped to Wisconsin, your even closer. I added a pair of the new 15s and paid like $270 total for 210lbs of bumpers.