Mixing BCAA

How do you guys mix it? Some of mine floats at the top. Do you just put the powder in your mouth and then follow it down with water?

I just mix it with water and creatine 1 hour before my workout. Stir it up really fast and chug it so the clumps don’t have time to form up. If you’re taking the flavored BCAAs, you might be able to follow it with water. Mine is unflavored and it tastes like complete shit.

I was using an American brand and it wasn’t to bad but when I ordered more the supplier had run out and offered me an Aussie brand which was twice the price and made in china. Apart from tasting like shit,the floating factor was worse and it sticks to the sides of the cup.
I’ve just been sticking it in my mouth and washing it down with a lot of water.
It’s ok in PWO shakes though.

No matter how much I stir, it won’t dissolve. Seems like its hydrophobic. Maybe this is why Biotest has the pill form?

Put it in the freezer, I find that helps it dissolve a lot better

Yeah I have the pill form as well (not from Biotest). Very handy, I definitely recommend it.

I usually mix them with some crystal light and water. However, I use leucine only, and it seems to dissolve fairly fast, but all of the BCAA’s together are really hard to dissolve. If I do happen to use BCAA’s, then I just constantly swirl the cup and drink it before it settles to the bottom.