Mixing Approaches

Could approaches to weight training be mixed? For ex. on the concentric portion perform with max speed/tension and technique, one the ecc portion use an 8 sec ecc(acc ecc) and pause 2 sec at the bottom(builds starting strength and uses some elasticity left in the muscles, and isnt this what isomiometrics are?) and then on the last rep on each set use a 20-30sec isometric in the stretched position of the lift, and in a phase if one were using a 10x1 or 5x2-3 approach use auto regulation clustering(? 15-30sec between reps) and on the last rep of the last set go for a max duration isometric in the stretched portion of the lift. Also for oly lifts and other explosive lifts(ie Squat Jumps, pulls) use just the auto regulation clustering system to ensure quality, max tension, and technique. Would that kind of approach be acceptable.