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Mixing AI Solutions


Can anyone tell me a recipe for mixing Adex and Letro?

I put 1g of adex powder in 750ml's of vodka and it dissapeared with just a little shaking

I put 1g of Letro powder in 750ml's of vodka and I've still got a ton of powder floating around no matter how much I shake the thing. I figured it should be fine cause I usually see Letro dosed higher than Adex in liquid solutions...am I missing something?

The vodka is regular 40% alcohol.

Any help from experienced mixers appreciated.



I don't have a figure for it, but in terms of how solubility is described pharmaceutically in approximate ranges, anastrozole is much more soluble in alcohol than letrozole is.

Not the other way around.

This is not surprising as its melting point is much lower.

It may be that the comparisons you are making are with different solvents. At any rate it may well be the case that with that much water in it -- 60% -- that is not enough vodka for the purpose.

It would be more than enough if you had 96% alcohol, or anything at all close to that. It is hard to predict what happens when large amounts of further water are added. Solubility often goes right down the toilet at some point, and most certainly this can happen by the 60% water point. (For that matter, before then.)

Try recovering the undissolved powder and use stronger alcohol.


I guess the letro I had before was prob mixed with higher alcohol content...

As for recovery I have no idea how I would go about getting the powder out of the vodka without turning it into a giant mess...I guess I could maybe pour it over a coffee filter or something and see if that filters out the powder and then try again with a higher alcohol solution.


Sure, that should be good enough. Assuming the coffee filter isn't one that will wind up trapping the powder and it being hard to get it out.

If that is the case, and it's discovered after the fact, then you can use the stronger alcohol to dissolve the powder out of the coffee filter, either with repeated pourings or by putting the coffee filter into the alcohol.

If it's predicted to be the case, it might be that you can just let it settle and pour the clear part off. This will leave some of the weak alcohol behind, but a little left behind should be okay if it's a quite minor fraction of the new stronger stuff you later add.

A problem, if you don't recover the powder, is that you won't know how much letrozole is in the current mix.


even if the filter traps the powder its not an issue.
when you use the stronger alcohol just run the alcohol thru the used filter than has the powder in it.
the powder will disolve right there,that is if you have a strong enough alcohol like everclear.this way you dont have to worry about harvesting the powder out of the filter.

you can even take the filter itself and drop it inside of the liquid and shake it to make sure its all out of the filter.

problem is you really dont know how much powder you have,unless you weigh the filter first,allow it dry completely after use and then weigh it again taring off the weight of the filter
not super precise but it should do it.

or instead of harvesting the powder why not just add a measured amount of strong alcohol into the mix.
keep track and continue adding until its all dissolved then you will know for sure how much you have.


Letro is not fully soluble in 80 proof alcohol, I find that OverProof Rum is the minimum one needs for an alcohol based Letrozole solution - which is 126proof (63%).

You may want to try and add some PEG400 to the letro you have in Vodka - this may help to increrase the solubility.

Vodka (80 Proof/40%) is not useful for very much IMO - with it only being useful for Tadalafil IME (and now possibly Adex too..)

George - If you are in the UK you can get OP Rum from Tesco's - and if you are in the States you can get OP or Everclear easily from most liquor stores.. FYI.



Though I know most won't like the thought, in fact isopropyl alcohol is not toxic in small quantities. I forget what a completely safe amount is reported as being but it's certainly over 1 mL.

Thus if only a fraction of a mL is required per dose and no strong alcohol can be obtained but isopropyl, it would be entirely safe and usable.

Isopropyl being unsafe is in the context of being unsafe to drink in quantities required to get intoxicated. The body has no problem metabolizing small amounts.

However, it's psychologically unappealing (or at least I assume it is to most: it is to me, probably as a result of being told since childhood that it's poisonous) so if able to obtain high-proof ethanol, that would be the first choice.


Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will let you know how the experiments work out.


In the future I will use overproof rum from the start as this seems like the easiest solution.

Brook - what concentration do you use with OP rum?


This makes me wonder if this is why the liquid nolva i ordered tastes like its a shot everclear or absinth.


Depends on the drug in question of course - i assume you are asking about Letro?

I have only done 2.5mg/ml.