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Mixed Training. Is It Possible?

Hi guys, I am newbie and I want to ask some questions?
My name is Svetlozar Neykov from Bulgaria.
Please help.

Fitnes is for beauty and aesthetics of the body, but I want my body also to be effective, thats why I’ve made a research of some sports & conditioning that I know, which prepare the whole body nice like: box, kickbox, MMA, swimming.

From physical to psychological I want training that will make one person not just particular parts of body and qualities, and also to deepen my knowlage about basics for some of the sports, and use it in my advantage. I want training that builds healthy individual, who can perform different movements spontaniously and right - flexible, and also to carry heavy without back injuries…

Because I stay a lot in front of my computer and my work is depending from it so my back is weaken and have bad postur. I want to benefit from sports to correct this as much as I can without supplements.

I’ve noticed that basic core excercises are prety useful - and also a lot of excercises are similar to work in farm or woodcutting so I mixed core & trunk trainings with combat sports… Because I’ve done a little bit kickboxing and realy like that there I developed skills that I haven’t found for myself.

So I tought can I make a program that mixes all usefull things and If I can how can I make it?

I want to take best of boxers conditioning best of wrestles conditioning best of swimeers etc- and develop whole body program that I can make not 100% but 20% intensity just for conditioning for making different excercises to increase my qualities: speed, strength, flexibility, movement, power and most importantly endurance … and everything to be effective healthy injureless individ, and when my old man say get me that 50kg bucket of ciment to have not problem getting it and when i get old to have no problems with my back that i’ve staied on the computer…

I will be more than happy if you fix my training and tell me what I do wrong or is it possible and when can I start training like this? I don’t want to get big or best in sport just want to use their programs to develop myself + to learn about sport or self defending. Because there is no point to be sick even if you are the best mathematician or best in your job…! Just conditioning program more extended - not only tae-bo.

Also this program will be good to be at home conditions, so a lot of people like me to take advantage of.
Here what i’ve made so far…:

1 week - strength

first day:
Cross Training For Boxing I : Upper Body And Core

second day:
rest + watch:Bas Rutten Extreeme Pancrease

third day:
Bas Rutten-Extreme Pancrase:Vol 9: Fighting Fitness Workout Routine

fourth day:
Cross Training For Boxing II: Lower Body And Trunк

fifth day:
rest + watch: Bas Rutten Extreeme Pancrease

Sixth day:
Bas Rutten-Extreme Pancrase:Vol 9: Fighting Fitness Workout Routine

Seventh day:
rest + watch:
Title boxing

2nd week - streching & endurance

First day:
Thomas Kurz s Secrets of stretching

second day:
Kathy Smith-Kickboxing Workout +school exercises:pullups etc) / http://fitness.scoobysworkshop.com/

third day:
Kathy Smith-Kickboxing Workout

fourth day:
Thomas Kurz s Secrets of stretching + school exercises:pullups etc./

fifth day:
Kathy Smith-Kickboxing Workout

Sixth day:
Thomas Kurz s Secrets of stretching

Seventh day:

Atrest of time reading:Martial Arts - Books

If i want more: http://fitness.scoobysworkshop.com/schedbeginning.htm and http://www.fitness.com/
or running, jumping rope.
more i found on topic.:
http://fitness.scoobysworkshop.com/posture.htm ,
X training with Randy Coture
Randy Coture MMA Wrestling workout
Ross boxing training
Combat Core training
Vale Tudo conditioning

If anyone can help me I know that is a tuff job but If I have program just buy some dvds and start training just don’t know which.
My goal is health, selfdefence, no supplements, right doing, quality: strenth, speed, power, edurance, flexible, streched, good Cardio - heart & internal organs, so not only outside - shape but inside also quality. all that you know is helpfull…
Thanks for support. Bye

It’s possible to design a program to be anything you want it to be. It really depends on your goals.

This is primarily a bodybuilding site, so most people on here will tell you you should be lifting weights, but it’s up to you to find out what you want to do.

If you want to do some MMA type of training, then maybe check out the posts in the combat sports forum, many of those guys mix weights and various combat sports into a weekly schedual.

Alternatively maybe you should check out something like Crossfit??

Really though just decide on what your goals are and then design your schedual around that. If you post a weight training program, people here will help you fine tune it, but I doubt anyone will deisgn a routine for you based on DVD workouts.

I hope you figure out what you’re looking for. Good luck.