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Mixed Training Feedback

I just turned 55. I am 5,11 151, about 11% body fat. I have been training regularly for 8 months mostly upper/lower split theorically 6 days/week but with injuries/life average 5 days. I train to stay fit and young.
I just tought it would make sense to train my lower body for mass(high volume-short rests) reps 20-15-10 and my upper body for strenght reps 10-8-6. I know strenght is more 5-3 but my goals are modest, i like to train and avoiding injuries/joint problems is important to me.

First i broke a wrist last march and had a shoulder problem so i had to rest my upper body and it did not progress as much as my lower body plus training my legs high volume will get me a little leaner.
Please do not waste your time telling me to bulk, eat, etc…
Anyone did go for mixed goals like i plan to ?
Thanks for your input.

There’s nothing wrong with that approach. Its not optimal but considering your not trying to compete in anything just want to live a healthier pain free life that approach will work just fine. Just try to add weight as you meet your Rep goals and keep a log book.

Reed, thanks for your feedback. All the best !