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Mixed Signals with Creatine


k the reason i take creatine is weight gain , but i keep getting mixed signals , ive takin 3 tubs of creatine , the brand i took was xyience , it has the arginine glutamine and 3 types of creatine , i never really gain weight , i figured its cuz im always too busy to drink all the water im suppost to , but the fella at GNC said this product is pretty much just for muscle pumps which i only get like towards thelast few shakes i guess cuz its loading , altho it says on the tin that theres no loading required. anyway , the GNC guy said that cuz it has the 3 creatines in it its like not gunna put weight on me , and only monohydrate will and to take it with juice cuz water just flushes it out , well the tin says take with water , so im just confused... i caant take it with juuice cuz its flavored and trhat would be nasty , should i take a glass of juice right after the shake? kinda just confused altogether with creatine , cuz i want size from it , any comments on this or brand suggestions?


Just buy pure Creatine Monohydrate, Biotest makes it as do many other brands. Stop wasting your money on "pump products" and just get the pure stuff. It comes unflavored making it easy to mix to 5 grams with a juice of your choice.

If size is your goal though, are you sure you're eating enough and taking in more calories than you're burning?


Creatine will not add any kind of appreciable weight, from water or otherwise. It will improve the quality of your workouts by increasing cellular energy (ATP). You do not need to load, you do not need to drink outrageous amounts of water (just enough to thoroughly dissolve the creatine product) and you do not need to pair it with with sugary juices. Many people on this site take 5 grams of creatine mono daily mixed in with a serving of whey protein and see desirable results.

Any creatine product that promises you anything more than increased production of ATP is full of crap.

If you want to gain size you need to eat more food. It is the only way.


I agree, but if you can stomach it I'd mix my creatine with grape juice or something similar. just my opinion.


You need a release of insulin, it doesn't matter whether that comes from sugar, whey protein, BCAAs or a solid meal. Use whatever fits your over all nutrition strategy.


I just take it whenever. COuld be at breakfast or straight after a workout......does it really matter?

Still getting stronger form workout to workout so who cares? Surely eating protein is more important in the long run :D?



So mixing creatine with a solid meal is as efficient as mixing it with a liquid? You sound knowledgeable on the subject atg, but I still believe it is better to use grape juice or a dextrose based liquid. But from the OP's original post, since it is flavored it probably already has sugar in it. I'd just suck it up and mix it in with my protein shake after my workout. THEN eat a solid meal soon after.