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Mixed Programs

Hi. I was wondering if it is not a good idea to incorporate multiple kinds of training into a plan in order to try to do what we all want to do - gain muscle while not gaining fat. I know for me the only thing that worked to lean out was doing a super high frequency program with workouts that got my HR sky high - I used 0-20 sec. top between sets and this lasted 45 min or more 6-8 times a week. Now I want to gain mass and I had some success gaining strength with a lower volume high sets, low reps program 4 days a week (4 on, 3 off schedule) BUT I gained fat too.

Is it possible to mix the 2 - say 2 days either EDT or low rest periods and then 2 heavy days, or will this just confuse my body and will I reach no goal fast?

And if I did mix - should I eat under maintennce of the “fat burning” low rest rate days and more on other days? Or does this make no sense and fail miserably?

A few thoughts:

  1. If you want to gain strength and mass, you can go low reps, but make sure to keep the volume high too (like 8x3, 12x2).

  2. This is most likely a nutrition issue.

  3. Doing a hybrid program of EDT and a strength routine sounds like an awesome way to gain strength and mass. (check out the hybrid training articles recently)

  4. As for gaining muscle and losing fat in the same week, I think there’s some diet that’s supposed to do it (maybe T-Dawg or Delta-1250 or something). I would say that planning to clean bulk or gain strength but cut is more realistic, easier, and more successful in the long run, but that’s just an opinion. To me that’s way too much to keep track of, and you have less room for error, and there’s always error in counting calories.