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Mixed Grip


Is it really that bad to use a mixed grip? In Dissecting the Deadlift, the author states that it shouldn't be used unless you're lifting world record weights.

The thing is, I'm pretty new to deadlifting(done it twice) but my max with a double over-hand is 305, and my max with a mixed grip is 355.

In this case, wouldn't it be better for me to lift with a mixed grip and do heavy grip work in order to even out my grip strength? My legs/back really aren't stimulated at all with a double overhand...should I just work on it?


Do whatever you can lift more with. It's stupid to force yourself to do less.


I would advise against it, I can personally think of 2 people I know who have torn a bicep doing EXACTLY that. Wrist wraps are a far better choice so you can handle more weight. Grip regualr do as many as you can and as your grip starts to give out let the wraps take over!


Do all of your warm up sets with a double overhand, and then when you are getting into weights that are heavy for you, switch to whatever grip your strongest with. If your worried about imbalances I think this will help, but when it all comes down to it, its about moving the most weight. If you want to use straps and you don't compete in the deadlift, then go right ahead.


I pull overhand primarily now. Never found the mixed grip to be much of a benefit to me.


Use mixed or hook grip. As you move up in weight your grip will not be able to support the weight your back and legs will be ready to move.

Mixed grip is probably the most common grip used by powerlifters, and strongman. Its perfectly fine, your grip will get worked and you will be able to pull a lot more.


What he said


Straps should be used as a last resort. Hook and double overhand would be my first choices, double overhand for it simplicty and hook for its ability to keep the back in an ideal alignment without torquing (its a stronger grip the double oh too).

Mixed can eventually cause an imbalance between the dominant hand side of your back and the weaker hand side, depending on the width of your grip it can also open the possibilty of a bicep tear.


Depending on the width of my grip? Would a wider grip cause a bicep tear?


A bicep tear would be cause by lifting with a flexed elbow. That would cause the bicep to take on load, and obviously your gonna be deadlifting way more than your bicep can handle.