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Mixed Grip to Hook Grip?


Outside of the obvious pain of the hook grip, how much more "secure" is it than your normal mixed grip? The bar always has a problem rolling out of my right hand (the palm facing towards the body).

The problem before was that I never "set" my grip before pulling on the bar, now I have learned to set my grip before pulling. However another roadblock has occurred with my grip. I'm thinking of doing more grip work (farmers holds, static holds) and/or switching to the hook grip.


Well the record for a hook gripped deadlift is far lower than the deadlift record.


hook grip is better when done w/o a mixed grip.


You're grip's gonna suffer on Sheiko unless you do things to specifically help it. At least's that is my experience.

My grip actually dropped off the frist time I ran sheiko and I had to do alot of work to get it back.

Once it did come back I pulled PR after PR tho.

Don't give up on mixed grip just yet, there's a very good reason all the worlds best deadlifters use it. (expections like Brad G. obviously)


I never thought hook gripping hurt, but it did give me some nasty ass knots in the web-area between my thumb and forefinger. It felt absolutely wonderful when my ART lady worked on them.

I never lost a grip with it, but also never went over 405.


you get used to it quickly. Nowadays, after a few months of only hook gripping light weights (only up to like 100-110kilos) I don't mind it now. My conventional grip gives out around 200kilos, and I was able to hold 230+ w/ hook grip.


How do you know that? Records dont state which grip was used and either is allowed.


My grip can easily out lift my posterior chain. Even on high rack pulls 100+ lbs over my DL max grip isn't a problem, but maybe thats because the most I've ever held is 560, at high levels of strenght it's probably more of a limiting factor. Just make sure your hands are dry and you are squeezing the bar like you want it to disintegrate in your hands.

I've tried a hook and it just didn't feel right to me.


You can see in video


Hook grip all the way. I use the hook exclusively, but I don't pull max weights anymore. I have a very noticeable size imbalance between my right and left lat. I think it is from years of DLing with a mixed grip and not rotating hands. Stupid me... Now when I use a mixed grip I fear tearing my bicep. Heavy weights with a mixed grip scare me.