Mixed Grip... Rotated Hips?

I’ve been dealing with this for about a 6 months+ now, but I think my hips are twisted. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I’m tighter in my left glute complex than right, and now its definitely an issue because I haven’t had a good squat session in at least 3-6 months.

I think it forces me to favor my right hip/side when squatting. I put my left hand underhand/prone? when deadlifting and I think this caused it. Last Winter/Fall I switched from a squat intensive program where I only pulled once every other week and squatted heavy at least twice a week, to a Josh Bryant program where I was pulling heavy every week, with a ton of volume.

Now, every time I try to squat low bar I think its my quadratus lumborum pulling on my last rip on the left side. I got in there with a lax ball and rumble roller and think I managed to pop the front of the rib loose, as now I can push on the back and it pops in the front like a bottle cap which made it worse as before I could at push through through half decent sessions, but now I feel it pulling on that rib and I have to shut it down.

I switched to front squats to do something, which wasn’t too bad as the weights are moving up, but its a substitute for getting stronger in an absolute sense.

If I stand straight up, feet forward and keep my knees over my toes and legs straight, I can push my hips further to the right than the left. I’m fairly loose on the right side, but STIFF pushing to the left. My torso wants to rotate to right shoulder to left knee to compensate for this on the left and thats when I feel it pull.

I’ve been to PT, I’ve been to chiro, nobody’s been able to provide a straight answer, so I’ll take any and all advice.

Could it be IT band? Any mobility WOD recommendations? Any stretch recommendations? Any trigger points issues? What would you do? Rotate mattress even or change sleeping posture because my left side is fucked up in general.

I can’t remember where I read this but using a mixed grip will over time tighten the psoas major on one side. I can’t find any biomechanical explanation of why that happens yet.

I had a problem like this start to develop when I started going heavy enough on DL to require mixed grip (I never used straps). I just started switching my mixed grip every week. You should be fine if you do that, you might notice that you’re slightly weaker when you do but you should still be able to get through your working sets

Could be different leg lengths maybe? I know my posture is screwed up. Right leg is way more over pronated which basically causes my entire right side to be messed up. It gets worse and worse every year.

Thanks for the bump. This is still an issue. I’m going to try pulling with straps for a bit with dedicated grip work and see if improves.

I had always pulled left supinated/right pronated and when I pull heavy, the left side is significantly lower than the right. I believe it was an imbalance developed over time because I’d never switched. Since then I pull primarily hook grip but when I use mixed grip I rotate. I can’t pull heavy singles with a mixed grip different than my dominant way but light to middle weight sets alternating grip has helped over time.

Deadlifting with a mixed grip is retarded imo.

first they give you funny hip problems like this,
then you have old fat guys telling you your gonna rip your bicep right off if you aint careful

–and all sorts of whatnot nonsense.

Circumvent these annoyances by using a hook grip. Pretty easy fix.

Save the mixed grip for big sets. With any technique you have to weigh up the cost vs fit. If you pull with a mixed grip for a PR or in a meet, and you hit more weight, is it worth any issues you have to deal with afterwards? I know I have to save it for top sets, and spend a heap of time on soft tissue work, but it’s not bad enough to avoid it altogether, especially as pulling is my best lift. But if it’s not your strong suit it might be better to play it safe and use a hook grip (or just double overhand)

[quote]Field wrote:
Deadlifting with a mixed grip is retarded imo.

first they give you funny hip problems like this,
then you have old fat guys telling you your gonna rip your bicep right off if you aint careful

–and all sorts of whatnot nonsense.

Circumvent these annoyances by using a hook grip. Pretty easy fix.


99% of the worlds best deadlifters would strongly disagree with you.

I have a similar issue I’ve been dealing with (at least from the sound of it). Last year I hurt my back deadlifting, and now it seems like my hips are “off” or something. Was just going to the chiro every couple of months or so to try and keep it check, but it never actually fixed anything. Was just dealing with it until recently when I was doing deads and looked in the mirror while bent over and realized the left side of my low back looked about 3 inches higher than my right.

It’s been affecting my squat too. Almost like I fall off to one side when I get in the hole. Started doing a LOT more stretching and foam rolling and it seems to help. Through this, I’ve realized that my left IT band is SUPER tight and foam rolling it helps. Hurt like a son of a bit##, but helps. When lying on my back and throwing my legs across my body, could touch the floor with my right side, but was about a foot off the ground with my left.

Trying to fix those imbalances through the stretching and foam rolling and making some progress. May give that a try. Focus on the IT band and see if it’s stemming from there.

[quote]jlburch wrote:
Focus on the IT band and see if it’s stemming from there.[/quote]

Just don’t hit the IT band by itself if/when it starts to give you relief. I used to spend ages on it and felt great for about half an hour. If you want to make real improvements you need to get into the muscles that put tension on it, the glute maximus, the TFL and probably the vast us lateral is. So get into your glutes, hip flexors and quads too!

Could be on the safe side and just foam roll the crap out of everything and use a lacrosse, tennis, or golf ball for the hips.

The biggest issues with hip tilt in either direction (posterior or anterior) are three things:

  1. The Illicus. You can’t stretch this. It is very deep in your hips and if you actually could get deep enough with a lax ball or a roller, you would be doing more soft tissue work on your prostate anyway. The only way to work trigger points/bound up spots out is to find a skilled pair of hands to dig in there and/or extreme back traction.

  2. Psoas. This can be stretched but it sucks. The mostly gets short/shitty when you have a weak medial chain (hip internal rotators). Google Hassock Squats and do the shit out of those. Also, x2 on a skilled pair of hands.

  3. Hamstrings. 99% of hip problems is tight hamstrings. Make them very strong and roll them often on a barbell.

I have an anterior hip tilt on my right side and I also have a proficient deadlift. My hip tilt is due to my right leg being almost a full 2 inches longer than my right. I actually have a structural problem. So far, the only thing I have found to be helpful is a shoe lift (have a 7mm now, will most likely need 9-12mm) and the postural restoration institute has some awesome exercises just for this problem.

Hope this helped. If you have any more questions, let me know. I have been dealing with this my whole life but it has only been a problem that last couple years.