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Mixed Grip Issues with Sumo DL

The rip is there because of my deadlift. My supinated arm gets in the way when i pull sumo. What should i do? Switch to hook grip?

How do your arms get in the way of a sumo pull? I cant even picture this. Vidya plz.

I get that too but I believe it’s some kind of form issue. I don’t know really tho…

Going hookgrip is easy and nice, or even using straps

I mean they drag along my legs, not sure how to explain it

I could see your pronated hand the nails digging into your thigh but on the suppinated hand it should be smooth sailing up your thigh with no issues.

A video of your technique would be best.

I’m pretty sure I remember Dan Green talking about this in an article or video somewhere, it happens when you don’t lock your knees before your back.

My training partner has a similar problem with his triceps getting in the way while sumo deadlifting. Hook grip is one of your options and another one is to try a bit narrower grip.

My grip is 2 fingers on the smooth and 1 finger on the smooth with my supine hand. Isn’t that already narrow?

I have the same problem. I pull with straps in training and switch to conventional for comp. Hook grip might be the best option. I’ve been messing with it but dont feel like I get the same drive off the ground when I hook

oh hey man, i was actually looking at your account yesterday. You’re strong as fuck.

Thanks dude. i’ve got a log you can check out but most of my pulling in training is done with straps. I should try and figure out how to get my under hand to be comfortable but since both stances are about the same I don’t really have a need for to.

Log title is 1650 raw total drug free 181 or something like that cause mods changed it on me