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Mixability of Grow?

Quick question:

I won’t have access to a blender for mixing my protein shakes. Does Grow dissolve easily in cold water/milk with just stirring or in a shaker?

Thanks much,

It dissolves perfectly in water. Add a little bit more water, a few ounces, than the bottle suggests. I never have any clumps in a shaker bottle when I add a tiny bit extra water to it.

Hey, there, Ben!!!

You’re gonna like Grow, not just the taste, but the mixability factor, too. A spoon will more than do the job of mixing it for you.

Enjoy! (grin)

GROW will stir up in water/milk a shaker would probably be better. I think it mixes better in milk.

I just use a shaker. Works well for me.

Get yourself a wide-mouthed water bottle with a leakproof lid such as the Chug-a-Lug bottle by Rubbermaid.

A few hard shakes and your Grow shake is mixed, although I find the vanilla mixes more easily than the chocolate.

shaker bottle all the way. I just fill 2 or 3 of them with grow in the morning and when I need a shake during the day I just fill with water and shake.

grow is easily the best MRP i have tried. I too dont tend to use a blender, and grow was fine. it also taste bloody good…

Yes, a spoon will work. I like a blender though so I can add ice.
I like’em icy cold. No need to use milk just for taste. Taste great all by itself in water. I use Low Carb Grow for the versatility of P+F and P+C meals.

I don’t have a real shaker bottle, so I put a couple marbles in my plastic Rubbermaid bottle to act as agitators when I shake it. This makes my Grow! mix a lot easier. I just have to be careful to not drink the marbles, but since they settle to the bottom, it’s not really a problem.