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Mix Your Own ZMA?


Anyone tried mixing your own? Have results? Just started doing it myself and am not sure about results. Didnt experience the bizarre dreams some experience. Dont know if is placebo effect but thought that my sleep was deeper and rather than the usual morning wood I got morning stainless steel. Btw, there was a short debate elsewhere here whether ZMA was a test booster: it is advertized as such.

Was also wondering if one can take too much. My B6 caps are 100mg rather than 10mg and my zinc pills are 50mg rather than 30mg (comparing levels to what this site sells). The magnesium is 450mg, as it is a powder Im taking, so its levels are on. I wonder if the B6 and zinc amounts would increase the effect, making it too strong, or if they would be moderated by the the amount of magnesium.


Why would you?? ZMA is Cheap what is it 9 dollars then its all in one pill. Also many of your separate tabs are a lesser form of the zinc and mag. etc..



I'm usually pretty understanding, but c'mon it's 9 fucking bucks from here. Stop being a leach and support the site.

(Ok, I do see you're from Canada. I'm close enough, I'll walk it to you.)


Ohhh k.

Well, where I live, ZMA is $30 + tax (15%) for a 1 month supply. Biotest shipping will add what $30-$40, plus any additional customs fees, meaning Im going to have to fork out a significant investment just for a friggin supplement. (Though I guess Im supposed to sleep better knowing Im keeping Tim and TC from homelessness?) And I dont even know how its going to work for me yet. Now THAT. Would be stupid. I bought Now which has a pretty good rep. Anyway, glad I posted.


Isn't there a Canadian site you can purchase Biotest products and save money on shipping and other fees? I could have sworn someone posted it before.


Unless you're purchasing quite a few other products, the shipping charge shouldn't be close to $30.

If you want the least expensive shipping option, just select USPS service. From what I understand, you won't get billed for duties or taxes this way either.


Hmm, methinks the topic hast strayed.

I was quoting from a Canadian website, Biotest product.

I have never seen an option besides USPS. I am charged duties/taxes buying from Biotest. My understanding on duties is that if the product brought across the border is available in Canada then you pay taxes. I could be wrong on that, but a product I buy from another US site, that is not avail in Canada, is always tax free.

Regardless, at this point, Im not going to need any ZMA for another 3 months and, rather than investing $105 I have invested $18.

So, the original question was/is, whats the difference between mixing and buying pre-mixed? And on that note, last night I had those crazy dreams people have reported, ie spiders crawling all over me etc. The problem seems to be these dreams are so wacked they wake me up, which is counterproductive, no?