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Mix of Full Body / Split

I’ve done full body training for a while now and I’m looking for a change (at least for the winter, summer: time to get in shape, burn more calories --> full body training).

I want to try some sort of split again (i know you’re not a fan of it here, but i want to give it a try) involving a heavy compound and 2 other exercises.

e.g. back: deadlift, chins, b.o. row
legs: squads, some leg isos dunno yet
chest: bench, dips, flys etc.

What do you think of this idea?
How is the volume supposed to be?
or should I forget this crap and continue with full body or at least do push/pull/legs?

Looks like a solid Push pull legs routine to me. I would put the push between the pull and legs so as to have rest between the DL and Squat.

Volume etc just work hard. be it 3 x8-10, 5x5, etc. pick something and go do it and get stronger/bigger. Dont over think it just do it.

Best of luck

did you only do three lifts a day while doing full body? If not I would be doing more on this split. I would up the weekly volume some from full body, fatique throughout the workout will have a bigger effect so intensity is going to naturally drop. For example deadlifts are going to effect your rows and chin ups. Where before you may have had these on seperate days so specific muscle fatique wasnt as much of an issue.

Push/pull/legs (more like legs, push, pull like mentioned above) is a fairly common training plan for people with less time to hit the gym.

[quote]p1nt wrote:

I want to try some sort of split again (i know you’re not a fan of it here, but i want to give it a try) [/quote]

First of all, the split vs. full-body debate is still raging here at T-Nation, and for good reason: both provide results (if you know what you are doing). So, my suggestion would be to go ahead and try the split, but write down everything you do and the results you get, so that you can look back and see what works for you.

Good luck.

The TBT vs. Split debate will never end or be decided. Kinda like the rivalries in sports…

I’m a split man.