Mix Creatine

What do yall mix creatine with on non workout days? I used to mix it with orange juice and drink it in the mourning until I found out it had additives.


I mix mine with either my protein shake or hawaiian punch.

Sometimes I sprinkle it on my morning oatmeal.

I’m in love with V-8 splash. Not like, love. I am a 27 year old grown man and my wife has to take the bottle away from me because I drink it until I get sick. I drink it throughout the day, and mix it in with PW drinks for the extra carbs. There are several flavors, but I find Strawberry
Banana and Mixed Berry work mix well with vanilla whey and flavored creatine.

Having just re-examined the literature for my now-completed creatine article, I’ve done a lot more thinking on this topic (and come to the same conclusion as before).

So to answer the original question: Nothing. I don’t believe it’s important to take on non-workout days (assuming you work out frequently).

Having said that, I don’t think consumption on non-workout days is bad.