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Mitt Romney's Missed Opportunity


“Avoiding unnecessary risk is the foundation of wise capital allocation, and Romneyâ??s belief in it is evident in the decisions heâ??s made as a candidate. No one could safely predict how voters would react to a wealthy candidateâ??s tax returns, detailed economic policies, and an open discussion of Mormonismâ??s place in America. Safer to make the race about Obamaâ??s record rather than himself.”

“Having achieved extraordinary success by approaching the world through a set of precise, data-driven concepts, Romney had made the mistake of approaching politics the same wayâ??maximizing data and minimizing risk.”

“Romneyâ??s candidacy would look much different today had he made [his ability to hasten necessary changes in the way companies were run that helped the overall economy] its centerpiece. He could explain the benefit to the U.S. economy, and a shelf-full of scholarship would back him up. He could say that the last time the country was mired in recession, heâ??d seen what most others could notâ??and point to his career and fortune as proof.”

Great article