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Mitochondrial Uncouplers?

So I was just wondering if anyone out there has experimented with OxPhos uncouplers. I’m a medical student and we just learned about it a few weeks ago, and apparently they were used in the past (dinitrophenol). Of course some people overdid it and died, but the point was made that reasonable and careful use of the substances was VERY effective for weight loss.

Anyone ever experiment with uncouplers? Any luck?

Theres a good thread on DNP over on meso.

Bro my advice on DNP would be to avoid it at all cost. It is an industrial chemical utilised in the 1930 as a very powerful thermogenic. The only sources around today are blackmarket. Concidering only a slight overdose can be fatal can you really be sure that the product contains exactally what it states on the tub. All it takes is some dingbat UG lab to overdose their product in the belief it would sell better and the next thing you know people are cooking to death! Even if you take the so called recommended dose toxicology can be alarming to say the least!

Wasn’t there also something concerning usnic acid at some point… some extract from lichen or moss or something?

However, as with DNP, it seems this is an area that is fraught with the likelihood for abuse… of course, maligning the supplement industry in the process.

If something effective and safe was available, it certainly would be a nice shortcut wouldn’t it? Just turn the heat down and sit around your house in your underwear for a couple days…

What, you do that already?

dnp like any other chemical deserves respect. but that being said if you take precautions and common sense you will be alright. i just finished up a 2 week cycle and lost about 15 pounds and i ate whatever i wanted. there are a few sides but all in all imo its worth it.
i wouldnt go the underground route cause you cannot be sure whats in it. but you can order it legally online from a chemical supply company. i paid about 30 bucks for 100 grams