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Mitochondria Optimization


Been reading into the mitochondira and how important it is.

I figured since the mitochondria is responsible in the conversion of cholesterol to other hormones, it would make sense to supply it what it needs.

Some good supplements to take are:

Lipoic Acid

What do people here take? Any obvious noticeable improvements whether by feeling or blood work values?

Although I don't know what my pregnenolone level is, it is directly produced from cholesterol by the mitochondria. So if cholesterol to pregnenolone conversion is failing it could be ultimately effecting other hormones down the chain, thoughts?

So I am thinking about buying some of those supplements listed above or maybe all of them and supplementing and see if things improve.

Just curious if others have any advice or experience, or any other supplements that are good but not listed above?


Ribose and creatine are also commonly used. I have been looking into kynoselen as it contains adensine monophosphate which can help increase ATP levels, which is what we are after i suppose when it comes to treating mitochondrial stuff. I know many bodybuilders bag kynoselen because its not making them big enough like steriods, but i think this product is an energy supp. I tried 1 ml and had an increse in energy from this and it didnt last too long and worsen my insomnia. Im only just starting to experiment with this. I do take q10 and ALA.

Mitochondrial supps is an interesting subject, i hope more people comment.



Personally I'm interested in learning about laser infrared light treatment for mitochondrial function. Apparently the mitochondria are photosensitive and respond to IR wavelengths. Different IR wavelengths can penetrate fairly deeply into the body. Could be bunk, but I'm looking into it more. Here's some info...

This guy also provides TRT using the Crisler protocol, so he's no dummy.


I've supplemented with CoQ10 at 400mg a day with positive results on my blood pressure.


I think infrared light sources are cheap at Radio Shack, and someone is looking for something to do with them.

Infrared is also known as "radiant heat". Go put your hand over a stove.