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Mistakes You Have Made in OLifting?


I think it would be fun to all post one mistake and keep this thread going.

Post only one mistake then you can post another after someone else has posted after you.

I'll go first

Not hammering the FS up enough. My inability to realise that the FS is the KING of assistance next to the full OLifts.


Missing an easy jerk in a comp because it was "EASY". First one i didn't focus on, the second attempt i dropped the weight with no jerk attempt because i was trying to adjust my hands.

I don't know about yall but if it is a weight i can easily get i sometimes do not do proper technique and make it a lot harder on myself.


Not getting consistant coaching from the very beginning


when i was first learning to CJ i attempted 55kg. slipped on the jerk, fell backwards, somehow the bar pinned the webbing between my thumb and forefinger between an iron plate, which sliced right through it. it cut through a vein so i gushed blood all over the gym, got 10 stitches, couldnt lift for two months, and it was my dominate hand. yeah.


Second mistake

Staying in the 85's for too long. I made no gains in 24months of training due to cutting weight. I got to a solid 87-88, and dropping the last 3kg would destroy all of my training :(. I should have moved to the 94's sooner and actually made gains!



Trying to train for both strongman and weightlifting.

Only time i have really ever been over-trained. I think OTing is a word thrown around a lot and it doesn't apply most of the time. I have been weight training in some form or fashion for 15 years and had never been OTed till early this year. I did not recognize It until it started doing lots of strange things to me like stomach health, sleep patterns, blood chemistry. It took 2 months of doctor visits, pulled muscles, joint pains, vomiting, and the loss of 6 kg's before i figured it out.


Not stretching and foam rolling anywhere near enough.


Not joining a club and training with a coach early enough.


not pooping before going to training.

ok something more serious.... rushing to lift big weights instead of focusing more on technique. Although I think a better coach would help a lot more with that one.


haha! i concur. that will foil the best laid plans for heavy squats!

not getting Oly shoes sooner. and then not getting the heel built up higher sooner.


First mistake

Thinking too much prior/during a lift.


Third mistake

Not seeing the light and switching over to daily maxs in the FS, Sn, CJ, FS soon enough



Christ, there's a few things in the above posts alone I can concur with and comment on. I guess if I'm only allowed one mistake per post then I'll go with . . .

This. It took me probably longer than it should have to realize that I can't cruise through the warmup weights on autopilot, regardless of how light they feel or how easily I can power/muscle them up. Every time you wrap your hands around the bar you are practicing technique, reinforcing movement patterns, finding the mental zone. You should be seeking perfection with every rep. This is something I still struggle with sometimes depending on my mental state.


Too much assistance exercises for too long, get on with the FS, Sn and CJ.



Not buying into the front squat as the daddy of leg strength would be one of mine. I still back squat here and there but it used to be my focus lift apart from the lifts.


Not buying into the front squat as the daddy of leg strength would be one of mine. I still back squat here and there but it used to be my focus lift apart from the lifts.


Blowing out all the air in my lungs from the start of the lift.


Listening to coaches who told me to shrug the bar up and very over the bar n the start position.


not finding out sooner about the ideal bar path