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Mistakes Were Made

So I was due to do my next shot on last Saturday but I felt like shit, coming down with a cold. Head, chest, coughing, sore throat. I thought I was dying. So I went through my normal shot protocol when I had just finished drawing the Test. I was just about to inject when I noticed I hadn’t eliminated the air out of the syringe. Well that kinda made me shake my head in dis-believe. So I pulled it together and finished my injection. As I pulled out the needle, I had a set a 3 sneezes hit me. I had removed the needle from my quad in time but the jerking from sneezing made me loose control of the needle. The needle kinda flipped in the air and landed straight back into my leg just dangling.

I thought my wife was going to pass out as she watched the shit show unfold. It was kinda funny as the needle landed and just dangled from my leg.

What kinda accidents/mistakes have you made?


Nothing to match that!! :joy:

In the beginning, I wasnt really doing the math and I had bought a shitload of Test and since I’m a “more is better” guy, I was pinning 3 cc’s twice a week. At 300 mg/ml, I was pinning 1800 mg a week! It was a little over kill to say the least but, damn if my body didnt change.


Holy shit, thats a boat load to inject. I would have loved to seen lab work on those numbers. How many weeks did you continue that for?

The funniest was my wifes response. She hates needles and injecting. Makes her faint even watching me. Her face went pale when she saw that happen.

Probably way too long


I have no doubt

My first cycle, it was my last pin and I was drawing it into the syringe went to change needle and dropped the syringe on the floor.

Now obviously my floor isn’t sterile but I picked that shit up and pinned it anyway…


First cycle. Bad time management led me to try and pin in the gym bathroom. I guess I was tense I jabbed it in but the plunger wouldn’t move so I got the idea of standing so the base of the plunger was on the wall and I leaned my body so all of my weight was pushing. I was leaning all of my weight onto the syringe. Obviously the plunger moved then. Hurt like hell. I removed the needle, flushed it. (I don’t flush them anymore) Pulled up my pants and went to work out. Someone came up to me and said it looked like I had something on my pants. The entire shot had come back out of the muscle and formed a giant bump that looked like those measle vaccine bumps you get. So I had this giant pimple looking bump on my ass that was leaking my entire shot down my leg. It soaked through my pants… afterwards I went home and took another shot in the opposite cheek. Now I only take shots after a hot shower laying down on my side.


My cat knocked my vial of test off a high counter as I was in the middle of a glute injection. I watched it shatter on the floor and the cat jump down and start to lick at the oil. I was mid push and couldn’t stop and pull out. The cat only got a lick or two thankfully. What was odd tho is now whenever I leave to go to the gym the cat wants to come with me


I once dropped a syringe and it landed directly in the top of my bare foot like a dart. I also hit a vein during a delt injection ( I don’t aspirate) and when I pulled the needle out blood literally sprayed of of the injection site onto the bathroom wall. It probably wasn’t much blood but it was freaky. Neither time was I any worse for wear.


First injection ever, forgot to switch out the 18 ga needle I used to draw and gave myself the shot with the 18 ga needle.

Fucking meow.


Bet that made you a little gun shy.

I pretty much never do that. it’s not necessary.

i’ve had some blood spray a few times. the very first time it happened to me was maybe my 5th pin? don’t remember exactly, but it was definitely in my first cycle. this was a quad pin. it definitely freaked me out, and it got all over the place. i used to pin at my office because i couldn’t take my gear home. fucking mess. i spent like the next hour googling to make sure i wasn’t going to die.


Thank you @flipcollar I did my injection last Saturday was in a hurry. We were on our way out to a basketball game and I needed to make it fast. I followed all normal protocol but I forgot to eliminate the air in the barrel. I ended up injecting the Test shot along with the air. I remembered this post that you said you never eliminate the air and that helped me from freaking out. BUT I did also google it. My wife almost fainted.


there’s a HUGE difference between injecting intravenously vs intramuscular. You DEFINITELY have to avoid injecting air into a vein. That can cause a heart attack. Injecting into your muscles doesn’t work the same way. You’re not injecting into a direct pathway to your heart. Nothing bad happens when you inject a little air into the muscle.

Hopefully that’s what your googling told you as well, lol.


I’ve had a few. I’ve done the whole inject with the fill needle… that was fun… I think my worst was a subq injection in the love handle area. Normally do it with my shirt off, but I was in a hurry and just tucked my shirt up under my chin. I pinched a small fold of skin and was going in for the jab when I sneezed and the shirt came down. Let’s just say I made it work. Pinned right through the shirt. At the end of the day no harm done I guess!