Mistakes Men Make In Bed

There has been alot of sex questions on the board lately so I thought I’d ask all the ladies a question. What are the top mistakes that men make in bed? I’m sure all the guys out there would like to know what you ladies like and dislike in the bedroom. So lets hear it ladies.

I’m not a chick but I wanna take a crack at it. I’d say if you blow your load too soon or not enough foreplay.

I would have to say calling her.I wouldn’t do it again.She went from zero to bitch in 2 seconds flat!Just Kidding,haven’t and wouldn’t(cheat)

We wrote about this in one of the first ‘Gang o’ Babes’ columns. Take a look!

I spent a bunch of time in prision. When I was released, I got a girlfriend and was surprise when my first woman in years didn’t like it in the can: even with a butter lube…

1)Don’t ask her for some lame “critique”. You’ll know…

2)Let her know the sensations she is creating in you by what she does.

3)Whisper (between gasp!)something that lets her know how special she is.

4)For GODS sake, don’t moan or yell out somebody else’s name!

5)Don’t simply roll over, turn up your nose, scratch your balls and say “where’s that damn towel? I gotta get this shit OFF!” when done. Hold her…talk to her…reassure her that it was wonderful…

6)Above all…make her needs and fullfillment AT LEAST equal to your own…

(Hey…for all you “tough guys” where love making is not far removed from 1-2 minutes of jack-hammering a piece of pavement…it works for the Lion!)Peace…!


do NOT, i repeat, DO NOT EVER tell a woman you love her in bed and then later on you told her because she wanted to hear it. In fact do not tell her that you love her period if you don’t mean it. In this case, if you ignore it, whether you care or not,
She will hate your very guts until she dies.

Oh for christ’s sake, bionic, give it a rest. Sheesh!

My biggest mistake had to be when I was going down on my girl and I said, “Whoo hoo! I found my car keys!”

i am sorry, it happened to my best friend. did i say something offensive, char-dawg? sorry if i struck a nerve! oops! no hard feelings dude!

I see no problem with Bionic’s posts. Relax char … and yes I followed the whole ordeal.

After you blow your load do not raise your arms triumphantly and shout “I win, I win!!”

Forgetting to tip when it’s all said and done.

Don’t sigh like what you are doing is a chore.
laugh It’s not like doing the dishes for Heaven’s sake! Ok, it’s not funny. If you really don’t want to do something, that’s ok. If you’re only doing it for my pleasure but you’re indifferent, that’s ok too. But women have egos just like men, and we like to know that you are enjoying yourself. (disclaimer: the previous comment was not related to my current or last man) (disclaimer 2: the previous disclaimer was posted to prevent me getting in trouble! grin)

Oral BEFORE anal!!! :slight_smile:

nkeago - laugh

char-dawg - nice to hear someone else is of like mind

chris - the knight in shining armor arrives, how nice

It’s just that your posts have been one of two types. Either (a) I was such a good girlfriend or (b) I got fucked over. (Or both.)

You wrote: "...she will hate your very guts until she dies." A sentence like that, and we're supposed to believe that it was your "best friend" that had this happen to her? C'mon.

I may be overreacting here, but isn't this supposed to be a fitness-oriented site? And have you ever posted anything about fitness, nutrition, etc.? If so, I don't remember it. Yes, granted, this particular thread is off-topic, but I'm sure you basically know the kind of advice this guy is looking for, and it's not "Don't emotionally abuse your girlfriend".

Basically, my objection is that you seem to be using the T-Mag forum to complain about your last boyfriend. Ad nauseum. I have no objection to the odd "Gee, my life's kinda fucked up right about now" post, but yours have been going on for quite a while now, chlorinefr..er, bionic. Try posting something that's not one of the two categories listed above, and I doubt I (or anyone else) will object to what you have to say.


Ummmmm, I think Da Man just got called a liar! Hehehe.

This is simple… take care of her needs first before your selfish ass.then youll be a god!!