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Mistakes I Made in the Past and My Template for 531

I ran nSuns 531 LP 5 day program in the past. I loved it because I love going to the gym. But I realized that I wasn’t making progress. Then I tried to get coaching because I thought my form was bad and that’s why I wasn’t making progress. They didn’t help me and just gave me a cookie-cutter program and took my money. Then I injured my Elbow this took a long time to heal and made me depressed because I thought it could never heal.

Then I compared the nSuns program that I was running to other programs and realized that I was overworking myself and not recovering. I had too many accessories sets.

So I plan on doing 5/3/1 BBB 3-Month Challenge

on the last set do I do as much as possible? or just stick to 5 sets

I reduced all my pressing movements.

Also what does he mean by “Chins” is it Chin up or can i swich it for something elce?

You can switch it for a pull up.

Just follow one of the templates from the books until you understand the principles well enough to modify. Because the principles are 531.


5/3/1 is fantastic and Wendler is a genius for creating such a simple, yet highly effective program. I’ve ran it several times and always made gains. As a side note, I did add a small amount of additional accessory work to certain days for purposes of increase muscle mass/strength. For example, I’d add a DB movement on the BP day (incline/flat/decline…one of the three), add 2 rowing movements to each day (I like to keep my rowing movements a minimum of 2:1 or 3:1) and I have a separate day devoted entirely to hamstring work/posterior chain.